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About the course

In order to optimize a web or mobile application, or to assist with the sizing of the infrastructure required for it to function properly, we need to prepare and execute load simulations using the proper tools. That’s what performance testing is about.

In this course you will learn the basics of performance testing using today’s most popular tools
while following a widely-used methodology.

For this aim, we use JMeter (the most popular open-source load simulation tool) and BlazeMeter (the most used cloud-based load simulation solution) together. In this course, you will start from the very beginning, learning the basics and by the end, you will be able to come up with a load execution, simulating concurrent users from different countries, who access with different bandwidths, with different test data, verifying the response times and resource consumption of a real e-commerce application (a very common, real-world example of the use of a load test).

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The main concepts of the course are taught via a series of videos and texts. Most of the videos include demos and examples using the tools. A highly practical course, all the lessons require the student to try the tools and accomplish challenges and tasks. In our experience, this is the best way to learn; trying, failing and succeeding in doing things, sharing questions, lessons learned, extra information, etc., with the instructors and with the rest of the students. For this purpose, each course has its own Slack group for open communication.


Time Commitment

8 hours/week x 4 weeks = 32 hours in 1 month

content courses

Course Content

✓ Introduction to Performance Testing Concepts
✓ Automation and preparation of load tests in JMeter
✓ Execution in BlazeMeter


Course Syllabus

This course is made up of four modules (see below). All modules will be available at the start of the course and must be followed sequentially. The course is self-paced as students complete the readings, watch videos and do exercises on their own. The students can exchange information and doubts through Slack conversation. The course is hosted on our online platform that students have exclusive access to upon registering for the course.

Module 1: Introduction to performance testing

1. What is performance testing?

2. How does JMeter help us with performance testing?

3. Basic concepts of automation and load simulation

4. Introduction to automation, HTTP protocol and Fiddler (sniffer tool)

Module 2: JMeter basics

1. First look at JMeter’s interface

2. Main building blocks

3. Recording a Script

4. Analyzing the Script (HTTP/S Sampler, HTTP Header Manager Sampler)

5. HTTP Cookie Manager

6. The importance of assertions

7. Regular expressions to extract data from responses

8. Variable correlation

Module 3: JMeter advanced

1. Loading information from CSV files

2. Data Parametrization

3. Some important controllers

4. Writing realistic scripts – working with timers

5. Working with listeners (especially with View Results Tree)

6. What does test scenario mean?

7. Threads, iterations and ramp up

8. Running a test scenario with JMeter

Module 4: BlazeMeter, performance testing in the cloud

1. About BlazeMeter

2. Creating and configuring a basic load test

3. Simulation of bandwith and distributing load around the globe

4. Running a test and analyzing results


Meet the instructors

Leticia Almeida

Leticia is passionate about improving the performance of IT systems. A certified BlazeMeter performance tester, she has many years of experience in performance testing for Abstracta, where she has taken on several roles, analyzing the performance of applications built upon multiple technologies. She has lead various test teams and managed performance projects for clients from all corners of the world such as the USA, Latin America, and Japan.

Federico Toledo

Federico has over 10 years of experience in consulting, research and testing related to the area of development as well as more than 7 years of teaching experience at various universities. He has a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and graduated cum laude from University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain with a PhD in testing. While receiving his doctorate, he was a part of the eminent Alarcos Research Group which received the 2008 Quality Award in R&D, awarded by the Association of engineers of Castilla-La Mancha and the Federation of Enterprises of Technology. He has published scholarly articles and is frequently invited to participate in international conferences and seminars. He recently published “Introduction to Information Systems Testing,” one of the first books in Spanish on testing with a practical approach.

Lucía Lavagna

Having studied computer engineering for six years, Lucía is an integral testing team member at Abstracta who is instrumental in projects for many clients, namely Verifone, a leader in the fintech industry, delivering innovative payment solutions in 150 countries. For Verifone, she automated functional tests, executed them, and reported the results all using JMeter and BlazeMeter. Today she leads Abstracta’s performance testing team that runs tests over the BlazeMeter platform.

Sofía Palamarchuk

A computer engineer, Sofía has over 4 years of experience in performance testing. She is fully trained in JMeter, Blazemeter, OpenSTA, Performance Center, Load UI, as well as other types of software testing tools. As the CEO of Abstracta, she offers performance consulting and manages many performance testing projects for customers who want to start to use JMeter and BlazeMeter. Sofía also has many years of experience with training Abstracta employees in performance and leading corporate training sessions for clients.


Why Performance Testing?

Performance is critical for business

• 57% of users will abandon a site after 3 seconds if it doesn’t load (Kissmetrics)
• A major outage can cost an average firm $100,000 – $500,000 per hour. Large enterprises can lose over $5 million per hour. (State of Performance Engineering Report 2015-2016)
• The average large US corporation experiences 87 hours of network downtime a year (Gartner)

The demand for QA and performance testers is increasing

• Currently, testing accounts for 35% of the average company’s IT budget. The World Quality Report 2015-16 forecasts that by 2018 it will rise to 40% (The State of Testing Report 2015-2016)
• 63% of respondents to the State of Testing Report 2015-2016 stated performance testing is a non-functional test that they typically perform and 55.2% indicated that they use performance testing tools. (The State of Testing Report 2015-2016)

A certification in performance testing is a highly sought-after qualification

• 51.9% of organizations said that certification of competencies is one way that they improve the skills of their testers (The State of Testing Report 2015-2016)
• 46.8% also responded that one of the top areas for improvement is knowledge about the testing process and 27.8% indicated having well trained personnel is also an area for improvement. (The State of Testing Report 2015-2016)


Why Abstracta Academy?


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Why we are qualified

Together, our instructors have over 50 years combined testing experience. Abstracta’s instructors are full-time professional performance testers as well who cater to clients across the globe spanning multiple industries from tech to healthcare. We are also involved within the testing world. Abstracta has contributed to the open source community, especially JMeter, expanding its capacity and creating other open source tools.

Performance Case study


Abstracta managed to
– Ramp up the amount of virtual users supported from 2800 per hour to 7000 without degradation
– Reduce response times by 80%
– Increase the number of users supported by 60% without the need for additional hardware



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