Trying a new tool or preparing a demo? Here are some useful websites to keep on hand

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Test sites are always needed to practice, whether for courses, workshops, webinars, testing new tools, etc. That’s why, in this post, I want to leave you a list of the sites that we usually use at Abstracta. We’ll keep this list updated as we find more websites, so stay tuned!

Demo E-commerce Sites


Demoblaze is an example e-commerce system provided by BlazeMeter to practice automating using JMeter, running it with Blazemeter. It even includes a section with a video so you can test the HLS protocol.


At Abstracta, we conduct several training sessions and also offer online software testing courses. For our courses, we install a version of the opensource e-commerce system called OpenCart


WPmobilepack is a very simple e-commerce system, great for testing. 


Juice-shop is a famous site used to test security vulnerabilities. 


2checkout’s Sandbox system is not only an e-commerce system for customers, but you can also play with other features in the admin backend including reports, sales management, etc.

Example Systems

DBank Demo

Here you’ll find an example of an online banking system with which you can practice tests.  


OrangeHRM is an open source product for human resource management, which has a demo site that serves very well for practicing testing a real system. 


This is a test site provided by Gatling (a tool for performance testing). It’s a site with a computer database where there’s a list with several columns and a search filter. 

JPetStore Demo

JPetStore is a test system provided by Octoperf (another tool for performance testing). As the name would suggest, it’s a fake pet store with different listings, filters, etc.

Demo Sites for Trying Web Test Automation Tools


DemoQA contains many of the elements that are typical of most websites and it’s well oriented to practicing test automation, to be able to see how to approach each of the particular things that one can find, as elements of a list that are ordered with drag and drop, inputs of different formats, etc. 

Selenium Easy

Selenium Easy is similar to DemoQA, except it’s provided by Smartbear CrossBrowserTesting.

Test Pages for Automating

Along with DemoQA and Selenium Easy, check out this resource which is full of example pages you can use by Alan Richardson, aka “Evil Tester,” for automated checks. 


Dave Haeffner, creator of Elemental Selenium, offers this site as well to test different things like drop-down menus, hovers, etc.

Basic Calculator

This page provides an object with basic functionality for you to try your first attempt to use Selenium on, provided by Mike Talks.

Sites for Trying Service Level Testing Tools (API, SOAP, REST)


This is a collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development, giving you many different interfaces to practice on.


There is a different “pet store” provided by Swagger with different accessible methods. 

Practice Testing Better

As testers, if we’re ever undergoing training, in the process of evaluating tools, or explaining techniques to someone else, we need to use test sites. Sometimes we need sites that are the closest thing to a real site and other times, sites that can allow us to experience certain difficulties or particularities of the tools that we want to test. So, I hope this list is useful to you in order to achieve both! 

Do you know of any other sites that I should add to this list? Leave a comment below! 

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