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Why Work With Us

Learn From the Best in Testing

Our testers host internal workshops weekly as well as monthly meetups on a vast array of tech topics. We also attend conferences worldwide, supporting and helping anyone achieve the goal of becoming a speaker.

Flexible Work Culture

We understand if you need to work from home some days or need to travel. Our employees have the possibility to work remotely as needed or from any of our offices in the US, Latin America, and the UK.

Enjoy Work and Play

Join varying client projects with colleagues whom are equally as passionate about what they do. We form friendships quickly over ping pong games and there’s never a time that a celebration isn’t happening from birthdays to work anniversaries!

Personal & Professional Development

Our people care team has open conversations with you to develop your career roadmap and works with you to help your job fit into your dream lifestyle, whether it means being a traveler or living in the countryside. We listen to feedback in order to be a better workplace.

Did You Know?

The size of the company has grown 30% since the start of 2019.

Abstracta cofounder, Federico Toledo, wrote one of the first books on software testing in Spanish.

We have an in-house incubator for startup projects called Abstracta Revolution.

We develop our own testing tools like Apptim, GXtest, and JMeter plugins.

Abstractans are diverse; we come from 15 countries and live in 5 countries.

We support women in tech, 70% of our leadership team is female.

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