Meet Abstracta

Abstracta was formed by a team of passionate, PhD-qualified computer engineers.
We are relentless in our pursuit of innovative ideas and solutions to provide
our clients with the best possible results.


photo of Matias Reina

Dreamer and passionate about the vision of Abstracta, Matías has the technical tools, the business profile and the genuine social commitment to help build the necessary bridges to take us where we want to go: to be global leaders in what we do. As co-founder and CEO, Matias participates in all areas of the business, integrating and supporting teams, guiding everyone towards our common goals.

photo of Sofia Palamarchuk

Sofía combines her drive and technical knowledge and understanding of the US market with her social and technical skills to understand what the needs of potential clients are. An excellent team builder, she is constantly learning, contributing to the community, sharing her experience, and seeking to integrate the ecosystems of Uruguay and the USA.

photo of Fabian Baptista

A Co-founder, Fabian puts all his resources and knowledge into action. He combines the needs of clients with the technological and technical possibilities of the team, to achieve awesome products and services. He is heavily involved in the development of our testing products, GXtest and Monkop.

photo of Federico Toledo

A testing activist and Abstracta co-founder, Federico loves to define strategies and content and then train, mentor and share the “why” behind them with the world. He guides us by enhancing our professional development, making us feel proud of what we do and sharing our passion for quality with the community.

photo of Kalei White

A digital marketer, Kalei brings Abstracta her analysis and vision, carrying out different lines of work to better understand the needs of the market and offer attractive solutions.

photo of Vera

A clinical psychologist and communicational skills coach, Vera puts her interpersonal and social tools at the service of the entire organization. Her mission is to develop the potential of each of team member, and at the institutional level, she prioritizes the human dimension of the company.

photo of Laura

With extensive business knowledge, both on a local level and globally, “Lali” manages to analyze and map methodologies that professionalize our management with her warmth and human quality.

photo of Laura

Valentina brings her laser focus on building long lasting relationships with clients based on trust by caring for the quality of the client’s experience on every level. She wears more than a few hats, mainly overseeing delivery for our biggest US clients, leading our talent acquisition team, and managing the operations of our Salto Office.

photo of Lucia

Lucia is a performance engineer turned CSO, with over three years of experience overseeing client relations with companies like Benefit Cosmetics and Singularity University helping them to implement Agile testing and set up test automation stacks in CI/CD environments. As a performance engineer, she helped dozens of companies worldwide to improve system performance and reliability.


photo of Leticia Almeida
photo of Alexis Alvarez
photo of David Giordano
photo of Lisandra Armas