Our Top 10 Testing Blog Posts of 2018

2018 Rewind: The best of the Abstracta testing blog Time flies! 2018 was another big year for Abstracta, as it marked our tenth anniversary as an official group of testers, coworkers, and friends! We participated in several conferences globally, co-hosted webinars, obtained new clients as…

How to Create an Effective Test Report

Save yourself some trouble, here’s how to create an effective test report—no frills required—that stakeholders will thank you for Software testers know, creating test reports are just as fundamental as running the tests themselves. As they say in Uruguay, “no basta ser, sino parecer,” meaning,…

Embracing AI Based Testing – The New Era

How can Artificial Intelligence enhance software testing? Hear from Developer Evangelist, Raj Subramanian. Technology has drastically evolved throughout the past decade. Many innovations have deeply influenced our lives such as smartphones, bitcoin, electric cars, and blockchain, but artificial intelligence (AI) definitely tops the list….