We Co-create Testing Strategies

Improve your software development process with our expert support. Whether starting testing or optimizing existing practices, we can help you find the right path, support you along the way, and step up your game.

  • Testing Maturity Model
    Our software testing maturity model is a framework that helps teams assess and improve the quality of their software. It covers all aspects of software quality, from functionality and performance to maintainability, security and usability, to meet the needs of users and stakeholders.
  • Processes, Technology, and People
    Effective processes and tools are essential for the team to work efficiently and effectively, but they must also be aligned with the skills and capabilities of the team members. By considering all three pillars together, we create a strategy that is well-rounded and adaptable to changes.
  • More than Testing
    Our team has expertise in code quality, incident management, environment and data management, CI/CD and other essential development practices. We can help you navigate the challenges of these practices and implement them effectively in your team.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Testing Strategy?

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    Industry-leading testing with an extensive track record in all areas of quality: functional, automation, performance, security, accessibility, and more. This allows us to provide high-quality QA and QE services that meet the most demanding requirements and standards.

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    A highly responsive team that is aligned with the US timezone. This ensures that we can maintain close collaboration and communication with your team, and deliver results on time and within budget.

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    A co-creation approach that tailors strategies to your specific needs and goals. This can help ensure that the strategy is well-understood and supported by the team, and that it reflects the team's values and business priorities.

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    We heavily invest in R&D and have launched testing solutions such as Apptim, JMeter Java DSL, and GXtest. Our team is constantly learning new tools and methodologies so you can be confident that we are on the cutting edge of testing practices.

Need Help with Testing Strategy?

We can help you design and implement a testing strategy that fits your needs and business goals while reducing risks and costs. Get in touch with us today!