We Co-create Testing Strategies

Improve your software development process with our expert support. Whether starting testing or optimizing existing practices, we can help you find the right path, support you along the way, and step up your game.

  • Testing Maturity Model

    Our software testing maturity model is a comprehensive framework that helps teams improve the quality of their software testing efforts. It encompasses all aspects of software quality, including maintainability, functionality, automation, performance, accessibility, usability, and security testing, to meet the needs of users and stakeholders.

    This model also emphasizes the importance of a well-constructed test environment and the use of reliable testing tools.

  • Processes, Technology, and People

    Effective processes and tools are essential for the team to work efficiently, but they must also be aligned with the skills and capabilities of the team members. By considering all three pillars—processes, technology, and people—we create a software test strategy that is well-rounded, adaptable to changes, and supported by a detailed test plan.

    Our strategy encourages active participation from the testing team and emphasizes the test approach to meet test deliverables successfully.

  • More than Testing

    Our team possesses deep expertise in incident management, environment, data management, CI/CD, and other critical development practices. We understand the intricacies of the software testing process, including test management, test data preparation, and crafting effective test strategies.

    Whether it's about performance testing or selecting a test strategy template, we're here to guide you through all challenges through our Managed Testing Solutions.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Software Testing Strategy?

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    Industry-Leading Expertise:
    We hold over 15 years of track record in all areas of quality: functional, automation, performance, security, accessibility, AI, and more. This allows us to provide high-quality QA and QE services that meet the most demanding requirements and standards, underpinned by our ability to create a good test strategy document for each project.

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    Responsive Collaboration:
    Our team is perfectly aligned with the US timezone (onshore or nearshore), facilitating seamless communication and timely delivery of projects. We have leaders at both global and local levels who share their perspectives on how to face challenges to work collaboratively. This ensures that we can maintain close collaboration and achieve optimal test coverage.

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    Customized Co-Creation:
    We tailor test strategy plans to your unique business objectives, to thoroughly meet your needs. Our co-creation approach allows us to not only support your team's efforts but to enhance them. This tailored approach is crucial for navigating the complexities of the software testing life cycle.

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    Cutting-Edge Innovation:
    We heavily invest in R&D and have launched testing solutions such as Apptim, JMeter Java DSL, and GXtest. Our team is constantly learning new tools and methodologies so you can be confident that we are on the cutting edge of testing practices.

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    Comprehensive Support:
    Beyond just testing, our expertise spans code quality, incident management, CI/CD, and more. This holistic approach ensures that we're equipped to support you across the entire software development and testing life cycle.

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