Continuous Security Testing

Security must be a priority, not an afterthought. Fixing security issues in production comes at a high cost​. Ensur​e ​that ​your testing strategy includes both manual and automated security tests.

  • DevSecOps
    Automation and tooling in CI/CD pipelines to streamline, optimize and automate security testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Compliance
    Expert-generated evidence for specific compliance requirements like PCI DSS in payments, or OWASP MASVS in mobile.
  • Vulnerability Analysis
    Evaluation of the potential impact of vulnerabilities on websites, APIs, and apps, and likelihood of attacker exploitation.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Security Testing?

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    We developed a framework to help our customers adopt continuous testing practices, including security as a key part of our holistic view of quality.

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    With our network of top security experts, we can help you in any area, from ethical hacking to compliance testing and vulnerability analysis.

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    By bringing together DevOps professionals and top security experts, we improve the likelihood of success in DevSecOps.

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