In DevOps, Quality is Paramount

We have been at the forefront of software testing for over 15 years! As early adopters of the shift-left and shift-right approaches, we have helped many teams adopt DevOps practices to deliver high-quality software more frequently.

  • DevOps Adoption
    To ensure your DevOps journey is successful, our DevOps adoption services guide you in defining a testing strategy, setting up CI pipelines, automating tests at different levels, improving the observability of your system, and more.
  • Continuous Testing
    Software quality assurance activities aid in creating an efficient continuous integration environment. This results in high-quality software that is functional, performs well, is secure, maintainable, accessible, and user-friendly. Check out our guide to continuous testing to find out how we can help.
  • Observability
    DevOps and SRE rely on observability to identify and diagnose issues in production, improve performance and security, and make systems more resilient. By using tools such as DataDog, Dynatrace or open source options, we provide visibility into systems and platforms to fix unexpected issues and make informed decisions for improvement.

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Why Choose Abstracta for DevOps Strategy?

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    We developed a framework to help our customers adopt continuous testing and DevOps practices based on hundreds of successful projects.

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    We partner with leading vendors like DataDog, Browserstack, Perforce and Tricentis.

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    We bring a holistic view of quality to DevOps adoption that improves the likelihood of success for your team.

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    Having successfully collaborated with remote teams across the globe for more than 15 years, we can help you spread the core values of DevOps across your organization.

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We have helped startups to Fortune 500 companies to succeed in their DevOps journey from a quality standpoint. Get in touch with us today!