Continuous Testing:
Today's Golden Standard

  • At Abstracta, we believe that Agile development, along with the practices that it promotes such as continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery (CI/CT/CD), is the key to remaining competitive in today’s technological landscape.

  • For an Agile environment to flourish in your organization, testing needs to happen earlier on in development than it does in traditional development environments like waterfall. We call this “shift-left testing” and it’s imperative for Agile teams to truly succeed.

  • There are several software quality assurance activities to focus on that will help you in your efforts to reach an efficient continuous integration environment, allowing for the quality checks you want to have in each build.

  • In this guide, we will tackle the various areas in which we can group these activities so you may have a clear picture of what your team must work on in order to make progress in your testing maturity and, ultimately, reach continuous testing!

  • Let’s Begin!

Table Of Contents

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About the Author

Federico Toledo, PhD

Federico Toledo is a co-founder and director of Abstracta and holds a PhD in Computer Science from UCLM, Spain. With over 10 years of experience in quality engineering, he's helped many companies to successfully improve their application quality. He is dedicated to testing education, having written one of the first books in Spanish on testing and formed Abstracta Academy. He is also a co-organizer of TestingUY, the biggest testing conference in Latin America.

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