Quality Engineering Services

Our extensive array of testing solutions enables comprehensive digital assurance for your software. We offer automated testing, functional testing, performance testing, accessibility testing, security testing, DevOps, and also AI and custom tool development. We deliver superior application quality, driving scalability, significant cost savings, and operational excellence.

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    AI Software Development

    Empower your organization with AI software development and AI tools.

    We boost your organization through the creation of AI Assistants, Copilots, and applications based on AI, unlocking new productivity levels and benchmarks in quality. Our AI-driven solutions streamline the software development process and enhance customer experiences in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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    Software Test Strategy

    Enhance your software quality and mitigate business risks for better outcomes.

    We co-create a quality strategy, continuously revising and adapting it to your business needs and objectives. This approach boosts ROI while minimizing testing time, making our strategies both efficient and effective.

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    Functional Testing

    Uncover issues that automated testing methods may not detect.

    Our foundation is a deep understanding of your product and business, to enable rapid deployment cycles and high-quality releases. We meticulously validate each function of the software against specified requirements, with the aim of ensuring your applications perform as intended and meet all your requirements and user expectations.

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    Test Automation

    Boost your ROI, enhancing your test efficiency and maintainability.

    Our test automation services streamline your testing process for faster outcomes without sacrificing quality. From unit testing to continuous integration testing, we extend your test coverage. Utilizing test automation frameworks, we boost consistency across test environments, gain valuable insights, and achieve comprehensive quality checks.

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    Performance Testing

    Unlock optimal software performance and improve user experience.

    We help you prevent downtime or slowness without added infrastructure costs. We anticipate and address potential performance bottlenecks, enabling your applications to perform optimally without necessitating additional infrastructure. Through client-side performance assessments, we boost a smooth and responsive user experience.

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    Tool Development

    Achieve greater control, flexibility, and customization.

    We tailor open-source tools and develop bespoke migrators to cater to your specific testing requirements, spanning security testing to accessibility testing. This comprehensive approach not only aids in identifying vulnerabilities but also in enhancing the software's usability, making it robust, secure, and accessible to all users.

  • Accessibility Testing illustration

    Accessibility Testing

    Enable website accessibility for all people and expand your software's reach.

    By conducting thorough audits, we enhance usability and provide user interfaces that are accessible to everyone. This dedication not only improves customer experiences but also aligns with regulatory compliance, making your digital assets more inclusive and broadening your market scope.

  • Security Testing illustration

    Security Testing

    Build customer trust, reduce security breaches, and improve your system reliability.

    We uncover vulnerabilities that threaten your users, business, and reputation. Through rigorous security testing, we identify and help remediate vulnerabilities, enabling the integrity and confidentiality of your user data and safeguarding your business against potential threats.

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    DevOps Services

    Achieve higher quality software, agility, and team collaboration.

    We resolve issues that prevent you from releasing software more quickly. By fostering collaboration between development teams and operational staff, we enable smoother, faster software releases. This approach not only reduces time-to-market but also enhances product quality and operational efficiency, allowing for continuous integration and continuous delivery of software.

Key Industries for Software Testing Solutions

Why Choose Abstracta for Software Testing Solutions?

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    Industry-Leading Expertise:
    We hold over 15 years of track record in all areas of quality: functional, automation, performance, security, accessibility, and regression testing, as well as DevOps, tool development, and AI solutions. This allows us to provide high-quality QA and QE services that meet the most demanding requirements and standards.

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    Continuous Evolution:
    We developed a proprietary maturity model that guides clients from traditional quality assurance towards modern quality engineering, emphasizing test data management and continuous testing to adapt to evolving business needs.

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    Innovation and Partnerships
    As innovators, we launched cutting-edge products like Apptim and GXtest, and developed open-source tools such as JMeter Java DSL.  Our partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, DataDog, BlazeMeter, Testim, Mabl, and Provar underscore our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art testing solutions.

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    Customized Co-Creation:
    We tailor test strategy plans to your unique business objectives, to thoroughly meet your needs. Our co-creation approach allows us to not only support your team's efforts but to enhance them. This tailored approach is crucial for navigating the complexities of the software testing life cycle.

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    Comprehensive Support:
    Beyond just testing, our expertise spans code quality, incident management, CI/CD, and more. This holistic approach ensures that we're equipped to support you across the entire software development and testing lifecycle, and helps you to enhance the overall software quality.

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    Social Impact:
    As agents of change, we implement social projects with a realistic eye. We empower women through ReconverTIte , democratize access to IT through upCamp, and share our knowledge through Abstracta Academy.

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