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Pronto+ stands as a leading force in Uruguay's consumer finance sector, distinguished by its extensive reach and innovative services.

A key player with over 244,000 clients and leading in personal loans.

Employs more than 500 people and operates through 600 retail points and 38 branches.

Part of the international Scotiabank group since 2011, marking a significant expansion in the region.

Manages 198,000 active Visa cards, illustrating its substantial market presence.

Understanding Challenges

Pronto+ sought to revolutionize its software development lifecycle by incorporating performance testing into its CI/CD pipeline. They aimed to enhance agility and adopt a DevOps mindset but lacked the necessary expertise and integration in their existing processes.

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Solutions and Activities

Our performance engineering team worked closely with Pronto+'s internal team, leading the strategy for integrating performance testing into their development process. We utilized two open-source tools, JMeter and Taurus, for efficient and scalable adoption and application.

Beyond test automation, we focused on training Pronto+'s team in these tools, equipping them to independently conduct and expand the test suite. A key part of our collaboration involved aligning these performance tests with Pronto+'s CI/CD pipeline, using Azure DevOps Server (formerly Microsoft TFS), to facilitate seamless integration.

Our now Chief Quality Officer, Federico Toledo, played a pivotal role, providing leadership and strategic direction. This was instrumental in steering the initiative towards achieving our shared goals.

The project culminated in a comprehensive retrospective analysis to identify inefficient elements in their processes and encourage a culture of continuous enhancement.

Results and Achievements

In partnership with Pronto+, we achieved significant milestones that not only improved their software development processes but also reinforced their culture of innovation and operational efficiency. Here are the highlights:

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    Enhanced Agility and Operational Effectiveness in Pronto+'s Software Development. We successfully integrated automated performance testing into their CI/CD pipeline, significantly streamlining their processes.

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    Expanded Technical Skills and Self-Sufficiency of Pronto+'s Internal Team. We empowered the team to independently manage performance tests, enhancing their capabilities to autonomously tackle future challenges.

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    Facilitated a Smoother Transition Towards a DevOps Culture. We identified and eliminated process inefficiencies, paving the way for Pronto+ to achieve greater agility and responsiveness.

Our joint journey was characterized by growth, adaptability, and a focus on continuous improvement. The true measure of our success lies in how Pronto+ has utilized these enhancements to strengthen its position in the financial market, maintaining its competitiveness and relevance in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

"Their results were excellent. They quickly delivered high-quality automated performance testing capabilities. The integration into our CI/CD channel was successful. We worked together in great cooperation; their experience and knowledge of performance testing automation impressed us."

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