Based in San Francisco, Threads is a company that was designed to help teams inform, discuss and make large-scale decisions in enterprises. Threads is a modern forum for work where focused discussions and decisions take place.

It allows separating the signal from the noise by keeping the casual conversations in messaging apps, and the proposals, updates, and decisions in Threads. Its work platform facilitates decision-making by harnessing the collective wisdom of an entire team, giving everyone a voice to ensure better business outcomes.

Founded in 2017 by Facebook and BrightRoll alumni.

10.5 million in funding in 2019.

Supporting teams of 2 to 5,000+.

Has free, standard, and enterprise plans.

Current customers:
Buffer, Otis, Brex, Jour, Sunrun, Bitwise, Bigcommerce, Ana Luisa, Stir, and CC.

It is integrated with:
Asana, Google Groups, Jira, Basecamp, Gmail, Zapier, Slack, and Trello.

Co-founder, Suman Venkataswamy, sought an outsourced testing company to work alongside Threads developers for exploratory and manual testing support. It was important to him to find a partner that shared the company's values and worked within a similar time zone for seamless, real-time communication.

In early 2019, the company came out of hiding with $10.5 million in Series A funding and released the beta version of its web and mobile app to the market.

illustration performance testing


From 2017 to 2021, our testers in Uruguay have been working with Threads on a daily basis to meet their development timeline goals and ensure the quality of the app.

Step by step:

  1. 1 In the beginning, we started with a full-time tester who focused on functional testing of their web and native iOS and Android apps.
  2. 2 Then, a part-time tester joined to perform accessibility and usability testing.
  3. 3 The final team consisted of 4 testers and 1 leader from Abstracta.
  4. 4 We used automation frameworks developed in Javascript for the test cases. This allowed us to have a wider coverage over the system.
  5. 5 One of our testers visited Threads' San Francisco office multiple times, to work side by side with the team. This resulted in increased collaboration, trust, and knowledge transfer between Threads and Abstracta.

Some highlights

Despite the few hours of the time difference and physical distance between our testers and Threads developers, we enjoyed a high level of communication, often in real-time through Threads.

We built a fruitful relationship with the client, a good relationship that is still going strong. The human side was very good and very open.

We designed a good joint strategy, with good base documentation, assets, all the necessary tools, and test management.

We achieved good coverage of test case scenarios, regression testing, and automation.

We built an iterative and fast project together with Threaths developers, jointly.


Thanks to Abstracta's methodology and improvement suggestions from 2017 to 2021, Threads was able to launch and sustain itself successfully without sacrificing quality, delivering the innovative user experience promised by its technology.

"I’m most impressed with their ability to go above and beyond to ensure we’re happy. They also have a attitude than most teams I have worked with. With the support from Abstracta, we’ve been able to meet our deadlines. Their team is prompt, consistent, and open to feedback."

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Suman Venkataswamy


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