5 offices around the world
+140 dedicated testers
14 years of experience

About us

From Montevideo, Salto, Santiago de Chile and San Francisco, we offer solutions to clients in more than 10 countries.

Our people are above all. Abstracta's growth would be worthless if it were not accompanied by the development of our team, individually and collectively.
Promoting mutual care and positively impacting the lives of our people and our society is at the heart of our culture.

Your professional and personal development is the key to our growth together.
That's why we have technical specialization hubs to professionalize automation, performance, development, testing and more, as well as a group of diverse professionals to support you always: Agile Coach, Technical Mentors, Psychologists and more.

What do we look for in you?

Today we are looking for a functional Tester with strong knowledge of MongoDB to continue co-building together first class software and generating development in our communities to improve the quality of life of people.

  • Minimum of 3 years experience in the role.
  • Experience and strong knowledge of MongoDB.
  • Strong business requirement analysis & understanding.
  • Desirable knowledge in JS.
  • Technical or university training in the IT area.
  • English language: it is important that you can communicate orally and in writing (we offer courses so that you can continue to improve your level).

We are looking for an empathetic person, willing to add to a culture of mutual care, willing to learn with the humility that we do not know everything and to share your knowledge supporting other people in their development.

What are some of the activities and responsibilities as a Software Tester?

  • Being part of a team working with agile methodology, adapting to the processes and ways of working.
  • Understanding the objectives of functional testing and the information that should be recorded in a testing process.
  • Apply test case design techniques, develop test cases independently and test case execution.
  • Perform incident reporting with an understanding of the criteria to be met.
  • Communicate incidents making clear the impact and consequence of the incidents.

Among others that make up your ROAD MAP in Abstracta. The Road Map is a specific tool created to support you on your way through Abstracta, with the objective of making your time here meaningful, transforming and memorable.

do we offer?

  • Technical specialization hubs of professionalization in testing, performance, development, automation and more.
  • Possibility to work flexibly and remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Possibility to work as an independent (U$$) or dependent ($).
  • Unlimited access to Abstracta Academy for you and your family.
  • Team of leaders and mentors who believe in you and support you.
  • Accompaniment and attention from People Care formed by psychologists.
  • Permanent technical and transversal skills training.
  • Proactive salary reviews.
  • Opportunities to explore new roles in safe environments.

At Abstracta we work with people from various generations, multiple religions, nationalities, ethnicities, cultures and genders. We know that diversity is our strength and that deeply humanistic leadership is the key to empowering everyone working within the team.

If you feel that we are the place where you would like to continue to develop but have doubts about your skills and experience for this role, we still encourage you to apply.

We seek to be the change we want to see in the world.

We are waiting for you, click here and apply!

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