We Believe Testing is a Creative Process

During the so-called manual testing or QA, the tester has to think creatively and critically about how the software works, how it is used, and how it may fail.

  • Our Approach
    Functional testing involves using intuition, imagination, techniques and tools to explore the software, identify defects and risks, and learn about it in the process. Our approach is tailored to your team and can vary from fully scripted to fully exploratory testing, depending on your context and business needs.
  • User Experience
    We evaluate the software from the perspective of the user to assess its usability and user experience. This can help identify issues that may affect the user's ability to interact with the software, or that may cause frustration or confusion.
  • Continuous Evolution
    One of the most challenging parts of software testing is to be effective and efficient doing regression testing, which we have been iterating and learning in hundreds of different projects over the years.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Functional Testing?

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    Our critical and inquisitive approach to software testing sets us apart. We continually hone our skills and expand our knowledge to provide thorough and creative testing that allows us to make recommendations for improving quality and reliability.

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    We are agile and flexible in our testing approach, which means we can adapt our testing practices to your context, may it be scrum, kanban or waterfall.

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    We are not your average testing partner. We engineer quality, our team is passionate about testing, and we help to develop a more effective and differentiated testing strategy that delivers better results.

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Need Help with Functional Testing?

We can help you design and implement a functional testing strategy that fits your needs and business goals. Get in touch with us today!