We Believe Testing is a Creative Process

During the so-called manual testing or QA, our team embarks on a creative journey, using their experience and critical thinking to explore how the software works, how it is used, and how it may fail.

This process involves a comprehensive examination, including both system testing and integration testing, to enable every aspect to perform as expected.

  • Our Approach

    Our functional testing service involves using intuition, imagination, techniques, and tools to explore the software through the entire software development life cycle, identify defects and risks, and learn about it. Our approach is tailored to your team and can vary from fully scripted to fully exploratory testing, depending on your context and business needs.
  • User Experience

    We evaluate the software from the perspective of the user to assess its usability and user experience. This helps us identify issues that may affect the user's ability to interact with the software, or that may cause frustration or confusion.
  • Continuous Evolution

    The journey of software testing is one of continuous learning and adaptation. Our experience in conducting rigorous regression testing across hundreds of projects worldwide has refined our ability to identify and address potential issues efficiently, streamlining the software's overall quality.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Functional Testing Services?

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    Functional Testing Expertise:
    With 15+ years of experience in web and mobile functional testing, we've supported a diverse range of clients, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Our work elevates the functionality of applications, striving for flawless user interactions on every platform.

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    Continuous Learning:
    Our critical and curious approach to functional software testing sets us apart. Driven by our commitment to continuous improvement, we constantly hone our skills and expand our knowledge to provide thorough and creative testing. This allows us to make recommendations for improving quality and reliability.

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    Agile and Flexible Teams:
    We adapt our practices to your project's specific needs and context, whether you're working with Scrum, Kanban, or Waterfall methodologies. Our agile and adaptable methods enable seamless integration and customized solutions.

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    Diverse Testing Practices:
    We employ a comprehensive suite of testing methodologies, encompassing smoke testing, test data preparation, regression testing, and usability testing. This boosts us to conduct a thorough evaluation of the software's functionality and user experience.

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    Beyond Outsourcing:
    We are not an average testing partner. Our dedication to quality and our passion for testing drive us to innovate our testing strategies. We're committed to developing and implementing distinctive testing approaches that add value to your business.

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