Meet Our Client

Our client had real-time AI software that allows people to build a really realistic virtual avatar on their smartphones. The software digitizes human motion and behavior by utilizing deep learning and human pose estimation.

Specialities: computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), game technology, Human Pose Estimation, markerless motion capture, and Deep Learning.

Understanding Challenges

The client came to Abstracta looking for an outsourced testing partner who understands how to shift-left testing and has proven experience working with Scrum teams. They were very focused on testing with real devices as it was imperative to their program.

Besides the new web app, an iOS app was being developed that used AI to track movements, and they needed testers involved early on to ensure its quality.

illustration e2e testing

Solutions and Activities

We established a comprehensive QA process by building a dedicated QA team who performed full exploratory testing regressions, utilizing border values, invalid inputs, and other techniques. This way, we aimed to validate the usability of the newly created web and mobile apps.

The web regression tests covered different flows and were executed on multiple platforms and devices, such as Windows (Chrome + Firefox), macOS (Safari), Android (Chrome + Firefox) and iOS & iPad (Safari + Chrome).

Our team collaborated closely with the client's team through regular review and update meetings. This seamless integration allowed us to define and regularly update a suite of test cases to be run with each release. This helped us to improve our confidence in product delivery and minimize issues.

For all this being done, we implemented shift-left testing, understanding its benefits during the early stages of the product's lifecycle, and providing early feedback to developers. This early feedback proved invaluable for streamlining the Scrum methodology by collaboratively determining the testing priorities and types that would expedite the MVP's completion.

Results and Achievements

We established a trusting relationship and helped the client to adopt shift-left testing. Here are the primary benefits that we achieved through our strategic approach:

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    Expedited MVP development by implementing a testing strategy in a new Scrum team to develop their web app from the very beginning.

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    Established a sustainable testing strategy that built trust within the team, leading to the successful adoption of the shift-left testing methodology.

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    Enhanced product delivery by working together to define a test suite that was updated with each release and as new features emerged.

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    Boosted early-stage development efficiency for a second web product by being involved from the early design stages.

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    Increased product release efficiency by generating a test suite for their iOS mobile app, ensuring timely product increments and releases.

  • done

    Promoted confidence and reduced issues in product releases through our collaborative efforts. This enabled internal stakeholders to focus more on providing valuable feedback.

Overall, we helped the company optimize its testing process and achieved product increments and releases in a timely manner. We fostered a culture of quality and expedited their MVP development by implementing strategic testing methodologies.

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