PedidosYa is the delivery market leader in Latin America. It was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2014, a delivery and quick commerce german company.

Founded in 2014 in Uruguay.

Operations in 500 cities worldwide.

Over 4000 employees.

Over 20 million downloads.

Connects over 77.000 restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and stores.

Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems

These apps are sent to production frequently as they need to be constantly evolving. Having developers adopt methodologies and tools that help reduce risk such as regression bugs, new glitches or crashes is crucial for their business.

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In only 3 months we co-created a framework for PedidosYa’s requirements.
We focused on Mobile Automation with Appium.

By providing a robust framework for iOS and Android, we helped developers write automated checks that could be run in the delivery pipeline. With the suggested changes, their feedback loops became more efficient and less risky.

Throughout the project, our team integrated to PedidosYa’s team in a dynamic, efficient way. Weekly reviews, retrospectives, demos and practical training of the framework. We made sure the devs team had all the tools needed to make the most out of the framework.

Some highlights

Solution built on top of a reliable tech stack: Java, Maven, TestNG, Appium, Allure, GenyMotion, and SauceLabs.

Framework organized into two repositories, one for Android and another for iOS.

Page Objects pattern applied for greater test maintainability.

Data-driven testing methodology to easily add new test scenarios by adding new values into the data set.

Geo-located and multilingual test simulations.

Accommodates A/B testing situations, where the flow of the screen changes in certain situations.


In only 3 months we gave PedidosYa a faster and more reliable software delivery process. We helped them optimize their process by implementing mobile test automation in their pipeline. This resulted in top-notch quality for their native mobile apps, which are core to their business.

"Working with Abstracta always gives us security and comfort when it comes to defining objectives. They are on the client’s side and correctly understand our needs. Due to their vast experience, they have the exact solution for any challenges we face. When starting a new project, they always have the right person to address it being attentive, adapting to the circumstances and meeting deadlines. We hope to work with Abstracta in future opportunities."

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