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PedidosYa is the delivery market leader in Latin America. It was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2014, a delivery and quick commerce German company.

Founded in 2009.

Operations in 500 cities worldwide.

Over 4000 employees.

Over 20 million downloads.

Over 77.000 restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and stores.

Understanding Challenges

PedidosYa's apps undergo frequent updates and releases, as they must constantly adapt and evolve to meet ever-changing demands and requirements.

For this reason, developers need to embrace methodologies and tools that minimize risks, such as regression bugs, new glitches, or crashes.

PedidosYa turned to Abstracta because they needed a stable, maintainable, and scalable framework to improve their apps’ release time while keeping the quality of their native apps under check.

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Solutions and Activites

We proposed the creation of a framework that adjusted to their specific requirements, focusing on mobile test automation with Appium.

We provided PedidosYa with a robust framework for iOS and Android apps. Thus, we helped developers write automated checks that could be run in the delivery pipeline.

Our team seamlessly integrated with PedidosYa's team through weekly reviews, retrospectives, demos, and practical training on the framework. This way, we ensured they had the necessary tools to maximize the framework's potential.

On the whole, we worked side by side to make sure the devs team had all the tools needed o make the most out of the frameworks. By fostering open communication, sharing expertise, and providing ongoing support, we established a strong partnership focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for the project.

Results and Achievements

We have successfully improved feedback loops and reduced risks when releasing new app updates to the market. Our focus on user experience, performance, stability, and streamlined development processes has led to significant enhancements in PedidosYa’s delivery app.

Enhanced user experience through high performance and stability by building the solution with a reliable tech stack. This included Java, Maven, TestNG, Appium, Allure, GenyMotion, and SauceLabs for the test automation suite.

Streamlined platform-specific development and maintenance by organizing the framework into separate Android and iOS platform repositories, resulting in a smoother process.

Improved overall testing efficiency and faster updates by applying the Page Objects pattern to enhance test maintainability and streamline test code organization.

Increased test coverage by utilizing a data-driven testing methodology, making it easy to add new values to the data set and create new test scenarios.

Ensured the app functions well across diverse locations and languages by simulating geo-located and multilingual tests for comprehensive coverage.

Facilitated seamless integration of experimental features and improvements by adapting to A/B testing situations and accommodating varying screen flow scenarios.

"Working with Abstracta always gives us security and comfort when it comes to defining objectives. They are on the client’s side and correctly understand our needs. Due to their vast experience, they have the exact solution for any challenges we face. When starting a new project, they always have the right person to address it being attentive, adapting to the circumstances and meeting deadlines. We hope to work with Abstracta in future opportunities."

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