Meet Our Client

Keeeb is a growing software company that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation, drive a knowledge-first culture, and elevate performance through incredible digital experiences.

Founded in 2013.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Specialities: Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Content Discovery, Future of Work, Knowledge Work, Enterprise Software y Digital Transformation.

Presence in The United States and Germany.

25 employees in Development, DevOps and QA areas.

Raised $22.8M in funding over 8 rounds.

Understanding Challenges

By mid-2020, Keeeb's development team embarked on a digital transformation journey by embracing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.

As part of this transformation, they sought assistance in constructing a comprehensive test automation suite. Their objective was to gain a clearer understanding of best practices for writing unit tests and to achieve higher levels of test coverage.

Solutions and Activities

To begin and tackle the immediate needs of Keeeb, we proposed implementing an effective testing strategy that concentrated on front-end automation and back-end API testing, comprehensive functional testing, and thorough performance testing.

Through this strategy, we seek to provide a more robust testing strategy and, in the long term, higher overall quality in its application.

We assembled a team of professionals including a test leader, a performance and API tester, a front-end test automator, and a functional tester.

A key aspect of our solution was the efficient use of management and documentation tools like Jira, Confluence, and TestRail. These tools allowed us to manage Keeeb's workflows in an efficient manner.

Our team used Python and Selenium for front-end test automation, while manual testing ensured the functionality of the application.

We instituted regular monthly checks between our Customer Success Manager and Keeeb's Quality Control Leader, ensuring ongoing communication and timely issue resolution.

Results and Achievements

We implemented an efficient, scalable, and adaptable testing system for Keeeb. This enabled them to expedite their digital transformation journey and escalate their quality control levels.

We integrated our team into Keeeb's existing structure, enabling a smooth collaboration. This approach allowed us to cover a broad spectrum of Keeeb's testing needs, from manual and API testing to front-end automation and performance testing. As a result, we achieved the following key results:

  • done

    Streamlined regression testing through the implementation of front-end automation and API back-end testing, resulting in greater efficiency and fewer errors.

  • done

    Improved application functionality and user experience, as evidenced by comprehensive functional tests.

  • done

    Boosted application performance and stability through rigorous performance testing.

  • done

    Increased test coverage across different domains, including manual and API testing, front-end automation, and performance testing.

  • done

    Fostered strong collaboration between Abstracta and Keeeb, leading to the swift implementation of feedback and improvements.

As a result of our engagement, we successfully facilitated Keeeb's digital transformation journey, empowering them to achieve higher levels of quality control.

"Abstracta’s team really sinks into the details and is super flexible. Their efforts helped our company become more quality-focused. Not only was Abstracta’s dedication to learning our product top-notch, but they also completely learned our company’s culture. Their team members didn’t seem like they were contracted resources. It was a very seamless, team-oriented approach."

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