Keeeb is a growing software company. Its mission is to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation, drive a knowledge-first culture, and elevate performance through incredible digital experiences.

Founded in 2013.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Specialities: Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Content Discovery, Future of Work, Knowledge Work, Enterprise Software y Digital Transformation

2 countries in which they had a presence (US and Alemania).

25 employers in the development area, devops and QA.

Funding through Crunchbase: 8,000,000.00 US$. Unknown series. Keeeb has raised a total of $22.8M in funding over 8 rounds.

By mid-2020, Keeeb’s development team was going through a digital transformation process, adopting continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

They needed help building a test automation suite. They also needed greater clarity on how to improve the way in which unit tests should be written and a better understanding of the coverage to which to aspire.

illustration performance testing


To begin, we identified three main areas that needed to be addressed in the short term:

  1. 1 Front-end automation, in front-end and back-end (API)
  2. 2 Functional tests
  3. 3 Performance testing

Through this strategy, we seek to provide a more robust testing strategy and, in the long term, higher overall quality in its application.

Therefore, the roles that we involved in our collaboration were:

  • Test leader
  • Performance and API tester
  • Front-end test automator (using Python and Selenium)
  • Functional tester (manual)

Some highlights

We used Jira, Confluence and TestRail along with other documentation tools to manage Keeeb workflows.

We scheduled regular monthly checks between Abstracta’s CSM and Keeeb’s Quality Control Leader.

Our test team was optimally integrated with Keeeb’s development team and provided quick feedback to take action.

We covered a wide range: we work on their testing needs both manually and API and automation frontend. We also implemented performance testing.


Over just 8 months, we were able to provide Keeeb with a continuous, efficient and mature testing system. This allowed them to accelerate their own digital transformation and scale their levels of quality control.

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