AIA advocates for the value of architecture and gives architects the resources they need to do their best work. As the company outlines on its Web, it drives “positive change through the power of design.”

The company has a long history of requiring that its members adhere to the highest ethical standards. and developed a series of “Where We Stand” statements that clarify its position on key issues facing the profession.

Founded in 1857.

Created by 13 architects.

It has now 94,000 members.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C.

More than 200 chapters around the world.

200 employees and 300 local chapters.

Topics like climate change, equity, diversity and inclusion, immigration, infrastructure, licensure, school design and student safety, sexual harassment, and sustainability are included

AIA's team needed help in software testing because they didn't have time to dedicate to it but, at the same time, they needed more stability on their platform. That's why they asked for Abstracta's help.

illustration performance testing


Over three years, we helped this company to organize and optimize the software testing process. We kept test scenarios up to date and added new tests as changes/new implementations were developed.

Some highlights


  • Implementation for the replatform of the DDX Tool.
  • Migration of legacy DDX data.
  • Improved the applications usability to have a more efficient reporting experience.
  • Improvements and fixes to Bulk Import feature to achieve a successful 2021 reporting period.
Teamwork task_alt

Built a team culture that helped us, even in times without PO, to communicate effectively and ensure we were all aligned on purpose, objectives, and expectations

Product delivery task_alt

Increased team velocity and aligned with Product strategy and DDX team to ensure we’re delivering the most valuable product increments.

Usability Improvements task_alt

Engagement with end-users, participation in focus groups, story mapping definition, and roadmapping. Achieved a better understanding of the user needs and purpose with DDX, and improved the reporting experience.

Automated test suited task_alt

UI and API Test suites automated and integrated in a Continuous Integration Pipeline. Built a culture of looking to automate high ROI or High-Risk features.


  • Winter 21 Upgrade.
  • ️My Account site released.
  • ️CES join and renew applications released using Fonteva.
  • ️Membership application released with features supported by Fonteva.
  • ️Membership most critical flows implemented on Fonteva.
  • Data migration from NF to Fonteva validation.
  • Reverse sync from Fonteva to NF (membership data).
Teamwork task_alt

Great team culture and trust, always pursuing the squad goals and aligning with multiple providers to ensure we were all on the same page towards reaching our goals.

Product and process quality task_alt

Always looking for solutions without sacrificing quality. Providing recommendations regarding the QE strategy and also watched out for process improvements or changes in order to optimize the way that software was delivered.

Sharing the knowledge task_alt

Abstracta team worked closely with the product owners to give support to the stakeholders if needed, answering questions and showing how the product works. There was an effort to train the Product strategy squad on testing matters so they have enough knowledge to conduct testing themselves with the Abstracta team support.

Testing strategy task_alt

Mostly functional testing was conducted, following a test case approach using Zephyr and performing exploratory testing occasionally. Automation testing was on the agenda using TestProject but due the continuous tight deadlines and workload, this was not possible to achieve as expected.


  • Major releases with planning and low to zero impact.
  • More than 500 TCs defined for the different applications.
  • 25% of the TCs are automated and run in the 3 environments automatically.
Risk assessment task_alt

Test cases definitions and executions were quality guided aiming to release quality products with no impact to end-users.

Teamwork task_alt

Team deeply integrated in the development process, always pursuing the squad goals and aligned with several providers.


In only three years, we were able to deeply integrate in AIA's process. We drew the path for intense testing, always seeking to increase the quality products. We worked closely with AIA's team and shared knowledge to conduct testing themselves with the Abstracta team support.

We achieved a better understanding of the user needs, improved the reporting experience and so the quality of every single process.

We built trusting relationships with AIA's team and helped them improve their overall process. We implemented strategies and process improvements to ensure higher quality products, as well as more confidence and satisfaction of the end client.

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