Meet Our Client

On this occasion, we cannot describe a single client, as our contribution was made on behalf of Uruguayan society and collaboratively with a set of entities: the Uruguayan government, private companies, and multiple organizations and volunteer individuals. All united in a community response in times of social and health emergency.

Understanding Challenges

The emergence of COVID-19 posed immense challenges in almost all countries around the world. The need for an adequate and timely human response, the transition to working from home, and the management of information and medical care services became crucial challenges.

Our company decided to collaborate with the Uruguayan community, a South American country in which some of our offices are located, with our knowledge and experience.

Building and deploying complex computer systems in less than a week was a very arduous task. One of the fundamental aspects in which we provided support was in performing performance testing for a wide variety of applications.

illustration performance testing

Solutions and Activities

Following the first cases in Uruguay, several members of the technological community helped by developing tools to support each other and the government. At Abstracta, we were part of that movement.

Some of the activities carried out included:

  1. Creation of chatbots to provide information and conduct epidemiological questionnaires.
  2. Development of an official government app, Coronavirus UY, for Android and iOS.
  3. Implementation of a clinical assistance platform for teleconsultations.
  4. Creation of a digital tool to track available beds, ventilators, and staff.

We played a vital role in verifying the functionality, accessibility, and performance of these tools. Thus, we helped ensure that they were ready for massive and efficient use in times of emergency and high demand.

Results and Achievements

The Uruguayan technological community responded in a united and effective way to the crisis, and multiple tools were created in less than a week.

  • done

    Widespread digital adoption: More than 1.6 million people downloaded the Coronavirus UY app.

  • done

    Improvement in communication and health care: The digital strategy allowed for adequate care of suspected cases and optimization of health services.

  • done

    Contagion prevention: Teleconsultation helped improve the quality of care and protect healthcare staff.

  • done

    Accessibility: We helped increase the accessibility of the tools created.

As a result of collaboration and joint effort, we were able to create vital tools that helped the country to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The unity and collaboration with multiple social actors demonstrated the nation's ability to respond with innovation and solidarity in times of need, as well as our social commitment.

We especially thank our partners at BlazeMeter, without whom we would not have been able to perform our large-scale performance testing, and GeneXus for incorporating us into this project, to help create life-saving tools.

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