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EsSalud stands as a beacon of healthcare provision in Peru, delivering essential services to the nation's workforce and their families through a vast network of facilities and hospitals.

As a vital healthcare institution, EsSalud plays an indispensable role in Peru's healthcare system, especially in a landscape where private insurance has limited reach. Their commitment to health and well-being is exemplified by their extensive coverage and the sheer number of patients they serve daily.

Provides healthcare to over 9,000,000 insured patients.

Covers approximately 30% of Peru’s population.

Assists an average of 200,000 patients every day.

A pivotal healthcare provider in a country with limited private insurance coverage.

Operates a comprehensive national network of healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Understanding Challenges

EsSalud was grappling with a period of heightened system instability, experiencing frequent failures that disrupted their critical services. Acknowledging the pressing need to diagnose, monitor, and improve their IT system's performance, they sought a solution to effectively optimize their hardware, software base, and applications.

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Solutions and Activities

Our performance engineers initiated the project with a thorough diagnostic assessment of the system. Using monitoring tools such as JavaCore, Jconsole/JvisualVM, IBM Tivoli, Nmon, and JMX, we conducted a detailed technical analysis.

This process enabled us to monitor and evaluate the performance of EsSalud's system comprehensively, laying out the necessary steps for achieving stability and efficiency.

Results and Achievements

Our partnership with EsSalud led to transformative improvements in their IT system's performance:

  • done

    Achieved lasting system stability, maintaining consistent performance post-project, enabling uninterrupted healthcare services.

  • done

    Significantly reduced response times from 1500 to a mere 175 milliseconds, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

  • done

    Cut down server application resource consumption by 35%, leading to more efficient resource utilization, and optimizing system performance.

  • done

    Expanded available free memory from almost full to a robust 10GB, facilitating smoother operation and increased capacity for patient data processing.

  • done

    Prevented daily service downtime and notably decreased maintenance expenses, contributing to more reliable and cost-effective healthcare delivery.

This collaboration not only brought about enhanced stability and efficiency to EsSalud's IT systems but also reinforced their capacity to deliver continuous, high-quality healthcare services. This endeavor highlights our dedication to providing solutions that address current challenges while fostering long-term growth and resilience for our clients.

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