Meet Our Client

Macromercado, a key player in Uruguay's retail industry, stands out for its commitment to customer service and corporate social responsibility. Utilizing advanced proprietary systems built on the GeneXus technology platform, they have established themselves as a leader in operational excellence and innovation in the retail sector.

Established in 1922, with a century-long retail legacy.

Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Operates 8 stores across Uruguay.

Understanding Challenges

Macromercado faced the intricate task of upgrading their systems to the latest GeneXus version, X Evo 2. This crucial upgrade entailed comprehensive changes to their existing systems, including the addition of new branches and product codes.

It was vital for Macromercado’s executives to maintain seamless operations across all departments during this transition, allowing the business to continue to thrive without disruption.

Solutions and Activities

Our quality engineers assumed full responsibility for the software testing activities throughout the project. Our approach included implementing a detailed testing methodology, closely collaborating with Macromercado’s team, and attentively listening to the system users – the company’s employees.

Our team played a pivotal role in developing the system requirements specification, detailing how the system should function. This involved conducting several interviews with users and developers, who were the key knowledge holders of the system's intended functionality.

Our goal was to facilitate a smooth integration of the updated system, allowing for the creation of new products and branches while maintaining operational efficiency.

Our cooperative work with the development team was integral to this success. We strategically employed Testlink for test case management, Mantis Bug Tracker for incident management, and Trello for task management. Our activities also included thorough documentation, alongside enhancing the company’s incident management processes.

Results and Achievements

Our collaboration with Macromercado led to critical enhancements in their system's functionality and reliability. Key accomplishments include:

  • done

    Enhanced the system's reliability by successfully resolving 2019 incidents, 61% of which were high severity, before the system update's implementation.

  • done

    Improved incident detection efficiency, evidenced by a consistent reduction in reported incidents in subsequent iterations, reflecting our effective teamwork with the development team.

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    Significantly reduced operational risks by developing a comprehensive system requirements specification.

Our partnership with Macromercado fostered mutual growth, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. We enhanced their operational capabilities, enabling Macromercado to use their improved systems as strategic tools in their business operations, thus strengthening their position in the competitive retail market.

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