MCU is a banking cooperative. It helps people reach financial freedom and become financially healthy. They believe financial fulfillment should be an attainable goal for all, not just a luxury afforded to the few.

Headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Created in 1931 for hardworking people, by hardworking people.

Locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois.

400+ employees.

Over 75,000 members.

Creators of the Marine Credit Union Foundation (2014).

Marine Credit Union Foundation has raised over $800,000 and contributed to over 950 charitable causes.

MCU came to Abstracta through looking for help because their license is about to expire. They have a system that is in the Salesforce ecosystem, and that is what we work on.

illustration end to end testing


We created a work team to complete e2e flows for loan applications with different conditions and, in this way, helped them to acquire the know-how to perform the maintenance on their own.

Some highlights

We were able to establish good communication in remote mode, with 3 weekly calls to evaluate details of progress and carry out planning.

We made presentations to executives and managers, where we had the support of the counterpart during the presentations.

We set out to complete as much coverage as possible for the defined flows in a duration of 360 hours, distributed over 2 months.

We tested the value of automation with

A dev was assigned to maintain your account.

We aimed for a long-term relationship, starting with the current project and visualizing in what other areas we can contribute in the future.


In just 2 months, we reached 50% of the unsecured loan workflows and 80% of the secured loans. The test cases intended to be automated could not be completed due to some drawbacks of the sandbox environment. The cases provided to the client have the desired robustness, which will add value to the automated suites.

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