Meet Our Client

MCU, a cooperative bank, is dedicated to promoting financial freedom and health. It firmly advocates that financial fulfillment should be accessible to everyone, rather than being a privilege of a few.

Founded in 1931.

Headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Branches spread across Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.

400+ employees and 75,000+ members.

Creators of the Marine Credit Union Foundation (2014).

Understanding Challenges

MCU required a proficient team to complete end-to-end flows for loan applications under various conditions. Additionally, they sought to build their capacity for maintaining the system independently.

They managed a system within the Salesforce ecosystem, a domain we are proficient in, and approached Abstracta through as its license was nearing its expiration.

illustration end to end testing

Solutions and Activities

We assembled a team to complete end-to-end flows for loan applications with different conditions and, in this way, helped them to acquire the know-how to perform the maintenance on their own.

We established efficient remote communication, with tri-weekly calls to discuss progress details and planning.

Our team presented to executives and managers, backed by the support of our counterpart during these sessions.

We created new automated test cases for the end-to-end flows with

We fostered a long-term relationship, beginning with the current project and envisioning areas for future contributions.

Results and Achievements

We embarked on an intensive testing journey, aiming to elevate the robustness of MCU's loan application processes. Our achievements included:

  • done

    Enhanced the speed and efficiency of MCU's loan application processes by covering 50% of unsecured loan workflows and 80% of secured loans within just two months.

  • done

    Added value to MCU's automated suites through the creation of robust test cases, despite certain limitations in the sandbox environment.

Through these efforts, we have contributed to MCU's goal of promoting financial ownership and giving back to society, strengthening their system's robustness and preparing them for self-sustained maintenance.

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