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Mosca Hnos. stands as a pivotal cultural and retail landmark in Uruguay. Originally known as "The People's Library," it became a hub for artists and intellectuals, with José Enrique Rodó and Juan Zorrilla de San Martín among its distinguished patrons.

Today, Mosca Hnos. is synonymous with quality and diversity, offering a diverse range of products through its online and physical stores. They cater to a wide customer base, reflecting its deep roots in the community and commitment to cultural significance.

Established in 1888 in Uruguay.

Iconic brand with deep cultural roots.

Operates 23 stores across Uruguay, plus an online store.

Employs over 300 staff members.

Diverse product range including flagship "Tabaré" notebooks, toys, electronics, books, and baby products.

Understanding Challenges

Mosca Hnos. embarked on an ambitious restructuring of its operational systems, encompassing logistics management and electronic invoicing across 15 branches in Uruguay. The challenge was to ensure compliance with accounting, financial, and logistical regulations while maintaining high operational effectiveness.

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Solutions and Activities

We deployed a dedicated team to collaborate with Mosca's IT department, focusing on verifying the quality of the systems being implemented.

Working in close collaboration with the IT department of Mosca, we provided specific support tailored to the unique needs of their restructuring project. This involved aligning the new operational systems with existing normative and accounting principles, while also considering Tax Entity regulations.

Our process was detailed and thorough, involving functional testing to examine the effectiveness of the new systems. We designed and executed a series of test cases, meticulously analyzing user needs to ensure that our approach was aligned with Mosca Hnos.' requirements.

This testing phase was crucial in assessing the quality of deliverables from various developers and suppliers, a task we approached with precision and dedication.

Results and Achievements

Our partnership with Mosca Hnos. led to a transformation in their operational systems, enabling seamless transitions and uninterrupted service. Here are the highlights:

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    Seamless integration of new company operations systems in 15 stores, maintaining uninterrupted service.

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    Enhanced deliverable quality, elevating the quality of Mosca's interactions with solution providers and developers.

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    Enabled error detection before delivery, by instituting methodical and professional testing for all development deliverables.

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    Fostered confidence in using the new systems, providing hands-on training for employees.

Our collaboration with Mosca Hnos. not only streamlined their operations but also empowered them to navigate their business with greater assurance and efficiency, reinforcing their legacy in the retail sector.

"Working with Abstracta has been a very valuable experience. From our first project, we have been able to count on them as a capable, serious, proactive, and professional team that is highly results-oriented and committed to those results."

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