Meet Our Client

Team GO is a platform that invites people to connect in person, go out and do activities, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public or private events can be organized, shown or not shown to users in their feeds in consideration of their interests, and each one decides whether or not to join and which one.

Understanding Challenges

The startup was taking its first steps, and its main objective was to quickly release its app for the community with high quality. They needed help integrating testing into their development and delivery processes, and adapting it as the project progressed

Solutions and Activities

We carried out meticulous quality processes, which we integrated into their delivery pipeline through automation, achieving optimal traceability.

Our team consisted of 1 technical leader, 3 functional testers, and 1 test automation engineer. We integrated into the Team GO's development team and worked as a unified team.

On this path, we supported the Team GO's engineering team in the generation of a mobile delivery pipeline to validate ideas, iterate with quality, have a rapid response capacity, and control risks.

We collaborated in the definition of the development and delivery processes, focusing on the testing and quality aspects, and giving feedback on each part of the process. We supported this through automation, functional and performance testing, as well as code quality control.

We established fluid, horizontal, direct, and dynamic communication in all processes, with most exchanges happening by chat or daily meetings.

Results and Achievements

We were able to meet their quality needs and advance in the creation of a mobile delivery pipeline, and accomplish the following:

  • done

    100% coverage of the functional API tests, both at the app and web user levels.

  • done

    API test automation for the app and the web admin flows.

  • done

    Automated most critical flows at the UI level, integrated them into a CI pipeline, and ran in every new deployment.

  • done

    Designed and planned several release milestones at different times during the project, necessary to meet the objectives.

As a result of our engagement, we contributed to their mission to improve community development and people's quality of life, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic. In such complex circumstances, it was an incredible experience to assist people in meeting face-to-face in real-time with all the necessary care.

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