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GeneXus is a revolutionary force in the tech industry, passionate about innovating with proprietary technologies. They've been making waves in database design, application development and maintenance, and automated knowledge management.

Established in 1988.

Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Branches in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.

Global reach in over 35 countries via distributors.

Main product: GeneXus™, an intelligent low-code multi-platform tool, recognized by Gartner in 2017.

Understanding Challenges

GeneXus was racing against the clock. They needed to release high-quality software versions quickly. Their target? Minimized user acceptance issues during testing. Concurrently, the company sought to expedite the creation and updates of test scripts, scale more rapidly, and decrease test maintenance costs, leveraging automated testing to boost productivity.

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Solutions and Activities

Our Answer to the Challenge vas GXtest. When GeneXus sought to optimize its testing process, we at Abstracta stepped up with this innovative solution. In 2008, we introduced GXtest, a pioneering suite tailored specifically for GeneXus applications.

We partnered with GeneXus, aiming to empower those without coding backgrounds to design, automate, and run functional tests seamlessly across web and mobile platforms.

GXtest’s Main Features at the time included:

GXtest Designer: Models a test case via a user-friendly and accessible interface with the ability to run it on different platforms and with different versions of GeneXus.

GXtest Recorder: Effortlessly captures user interactions on browsers, converting them into comprehensive test cases.

GXtest Manager: An all-in-one hub for organizing, scheduling, and viewing results, enhancing users always have clarity and control. It then enables you to see the results of each execution.

Results and Achievements

From our collaborative efforts with GeneXus, GXtest emerged as the premier automation tool for testing applications crafted with GeneXus.

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    Secured the position of GXtest as the top automation tool, witnessing over 1.5 million automated test cases being executed monthly, and accumulating more than 45,000 designed test cases.

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    Cut down the time GeneXus invested in designing and maintaining regression tests by over 50%. Furthermore, we facilitated the smooth migration of tests between successive GeneXus versions with minimal strain.

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    In 2018, Abstracta and GeneXus embarked on refining GXtest, culminating in the release of GXtest 4. This newer version gained traction among GeneXus clients, particularly in countries like Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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    GXtest 4 made history as the first iteration to be directly integrated within the GeneXus IDE software. This embedded tool champions the agile and DevOps mindset, bridging developers and testers in crafting versatile testing capabilities for GeneXus code. Plus, the introduction of the GXtest Recorder allows for swift UI test generation by capturing user interactions within the application.

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    By leveraging GXtest 4's enhancements, developers can pinpoint bugs faster, streamlining cycle times via automated tests integrated into their CI/CD pipelines. From batch processes to user interfaces, GXtest 4 enables all app components to undergo rigorous testing.

This ongoing collective project signifies the mutual ambition of Abstracta and GeneXus to continue evolving and delivering top-notch solutions. Our partnership has not only boosted product quality but also fortified the trust and satisfaction of end-users.

"Abstracta is a leading company in testing services and products, and is without a doubt, a very special partner of GeneXus. GXTest by Abstracta is a fundamental tool for us and we use it heavily for automation testing during the creation of new versions of GeneXus. With it, we execute millions of test cases every month to ensure the quality of our product. This would be humanly impossible to do without GXTest."

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