Meet Our Client

ANEP is the Uruguayan government agency responsible for the planning, management, and administration of the public education system at the preschool, primary, secondary, and technical levels.

Within ANEP, the General Directorate of Early and Primary Education (DGEIP) has an IT team. This group has been on a path of improvement and adoption of best practices for its development process since 2020. They have quality as an integral component of their process.

Heartquarted in Uruguay.

Established by Uruguayan legislation in 1985.

+10.000 employees.

Regulated by the CODICEN (Central Board of Directors.)

Understanding Challenges

ANEP needed a new and well-defined strategy to continuously improve their DGEIP’s processes and systems. Furthermore, they required to resolve performance issues in the Integral Personnel Administration System (SIAP) and to count on DevOps support.

They aimed to optimize production, testing, and development environments. Thus, they were looking for a functional testing team that could meet their needs.

illustration performance testing

Solutions and Activities

Firstly, we defined and implemented a software quality methodology adjusted to their way of working. We created testing strategies that addressed different aspects of software quality: functional tests, usability, accessibility, and performance engineering.

Then, we provided support in strategic areas such as work methodology and the adoption of DevOps practices. Not only did we streamline all their processes, but we also provided them with thorough training in testing methodologies.

To achieve this, we leveraged our online study platform Abstracta Academy, and then instituted a QA team within their organization.

Results and Achievements

We implemented a testing strategy with a comprehensive approach. This allowed for continuous improvement in the quality of their products and processes.

Let's explore the main results and achievements:

  • done

    Enhanced the quality of processes and systems through the implementation of a software quality methodology tailored to DGEIP's working style.

  • done

    Optimized production, testing, and development environments for JAVA applications. This included the automation of construction and test execution, storage of artifacts in a repository, and execution of SQL scripts on databases. We also made the deployment of Java and GeneXus applications to testing and production environments.

  • done

    Supported the adoption of DevOps practices. This allowed them to strengthen their technical capabilities and the quality of their processes and systems. We empowered DGEIP's team with the necessary skills and knowledge, providing them with training in testing.

With an appropriate and clear methodological framework, we enhanced the DGEIP team not only to improve their process but also to approach quality from different perspectives. This way, we helped them to implement a DevOps culture.

By training, we enabled them to continue enhancing their performance on a daily basis. In fact, DGEIP’s QA team will incrementally assume the responsibility of running the test cases. This means a significant leap forward considering they lacked a dedicated testing area prior to our engagement.

We are committed to not just supporting them whenever they need it but also planning to work with other critical systems within their operation. So while we have already accomplished a significant milestone together, this journey of continuous improvement has a long way to go.

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