Custom Test Automation Tool Cuts Regression Testing Time in Half

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The Client

GeneXus is a software company that conducts in-house research to develop state-of-the-art proprietary technology in the fields of database design and maintenance, application development and maintenance, and, in particular, automatic knowledge management.

Founded in 1988, the company is headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, has offices in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, and is present in more than 35 countries through its network of distributors.

GeneXus™ is its main product, an intelligent tool for automatically creating, developing and maintaining mission-critical, multi-platform applications.

In 2017, Genexus™ was named a new challenger by leading research and advisory firm, Gartner, in its App Development Platforms Magic Quadrants Report.


Cross-platform development tool

Community of 100,000 members

25,000 applications built

7,000 developers

The Solution: GXtest

In 2008, Abstracta’s founders developed GXtest, a suite of products for functional test automation that enables users without formal programming skills to design, automate, and run functional tests over web and mobile applications developed using Genexus.

GXtest allows full regression, acceptance, integration and system testing.

Main Features

  • GXtest Designer: Models a test case via a user-friendly and accessible interface with the ability to run it on different platforms and with different versions of GeneXus.
  • GXtest Recorder: Lets you record user actions carried out on your browser in order to create a test case.
  • GXtest Manager: Allows you to group test cases and schedule them for execution. It then enables you to see the results of each execution.


Traditional automation tools use references to elements in the generated code (like html attributes in a web application), meaning that you have to adjust the test scripts manually with every change in the source model.

However, with GXtest, there is no need to adjust test scripts manually, as GXtest automatically adjusts all test scripts to the newly generated code, so they continue to function.

This also allows you to maintain the traceability of tests because GXtest is designed to use references to the model from which the code was generated, instead of pointing to elements of the generated code.


GXtest is currently the leading automation tool for testing applications developed with Genexus.

To date, more than 1.5 million test cases are executed automatically per month using GXtest and more than 45,000 test cases have been designed to date.

Using GXtest, GeneXus was able to reduce the time invested in designing and maintaining regression tests by more than 50% as well as migrate existing tests from one version of GeneXus to the next with minimal effort.

2020 and Beyond: GXtest 4

Two years ago, in 2018, Abstracta and GeneXus continued to improve the product and began the development of its fourth version, which is on the market today, with a high level of adoption by GeneXus clients especially in Japan as well as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

GXtest 4 is the first version of the tool to be embedded within the GeneXus IDE software itself.

The new version enables an agile and DevOps approach, allowing developers and testers to work in a complementary way for creating different capabilities of testing in GeneXus code. In addition, they can to easily generate UI tests recording the user flow over the application with GXtest Recorder.

With this improved version of GXtest, developers can find bugs earlier and reduce cycle times by running tests automatically in their CI/CD pipeline.

GXtest 4 allows developers to easily test different components of their app from batch processes to user interfaces.

As of writing, GeneXus uses GXtest 3 to run 3,450 automated test cases daily to test the GeneXus platform, and is currently undergoing its internal migration to GXtest 4.

Today, the Abstracta team is developing even more features for GXtest 4, including the ability to run performance tests.

A joint endeavor between GeneXus and Abstracta, a team of our in-house developers, a tester, product manager, and a client success manager are involved in bringing this new version to market and commercializing the tool.

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