Leading Insurance Company Drastically Improves System Performance

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The Client

EsSalud is a leading national insurance company in Peru that provides healthcare services to the working population and their families within its national facilities and hospitals.

With more than 9,000,000 insured patients across the country, EsSalud assists an average of 200,000 patients per day and covers 30% of the population.

Because only a small percentage of Peruvians are covered by private insurance agencies, EsSALUD and similar programs are crucial for Peruvians.


Peruvian social security program

Insures 30% of the Peruvian population

200,000 patients per day

Our Solution

Abstracta performance engineers completed an initial diagnosis of the system, which allowed us to assess the situation and define the steps required to stabilize it.

We then performed a technical analysis and carried out monitoring and performance evaluation activities using JavaCore, Jconsole/JvisualVM, IBM Tivoli, Nmon and JMX.


Within one month’s time, Abstracta managed to:

  • Stabilize the system from project completion to date
  • Reduce response times from an average of 1.5 seconds to 175 milliseconds (more than 8 times faster)
  • Reduce the consumption of resources across server applications by 35%, enabling them to use an average of 10% of their processing capacity
  • Increase the amount of free memory from being almost saturated to having 10GB available
  • Resolve all memory leak problems (meaning EsSalud no longer had to restart all of its application servers every night)
  • Prevent a daily window of service downtime and drastically reduced maintenance costs

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