Specialities: computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), game technology, Human Pose Estimation, markerless motion capture, and Deep Learning.

Our client had a real-time AI software that allows people to build a really realistic virtual avatar on their smartphones and digitize human motion and behavior by deep learning and human pose estimation.

The client came to Abstracta because they were looking for outsourced partner that understands how to create processes from scratch. They were very focused on testing with actual devices as it was imperative to their program.

An iOS app was being developed that uses AI to track movements, and they needed testers to ensure its quality.

illustration performance testing


We built QA team, processes, even out Dev QA team. We performed a full exploratory regression, using border values, invalid inputs, etc., to verify the usability of the newly created environment (uat).

The regression test was executed on Windows (Chrome + Firefox), macOS (Safari), Android (Chrome + Firefox) and iOS & iPad (Safari + Chrome). Flows and behavior were tested too.

Some highlights

We worked together to define a suite of test cases to run with each release, and as new features or changes to the engine (separate team) emerged we updated and added scenarios to the test suite.

Collaborative work allowed us to run capture stream releases with greater confidence and fewer issues. Internal stakeholders could concentrate on giving feedback on the product.

We collaborated from scratch in the development of a second web product called Wrnch Creator, in which we got involved in early design stages and helped put together a testing strategy focused on delivering an MVP to validate internally.

We were able to apply shift-left testing, understanding the benefits of being able to test the product during early stages of its implementation and being able to provide early feedback to developers.

We collaborated on how to carry out the tests with the scrum methodology, being able to sprint by sprint define together priorities and types of tests that would help the team to have the MVP in a short period of time.


In less than one year, we built trusting relationships and the company agreed to apply shift-left testing. This allowed us to define priorities and types of tests in the most efficient way and we were able to help the team to have the MVP in a short period of time.

We implemented a testing strategy in a new Scrum team to develop their webapp from scratch. We generated a test suite for their mobile app Capture Stream, and achieved product increments and releases in a timely manner.

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