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Celebrating women who test from around the globe

Since the Agile Testing Days blog published a list of 125 referential women in testing, and there were no Latin Americans included, I set out to lend a hand by collecting information on influential Latin American women in testing so that we can further expand the list and also give some recognition to these spectacular contributors to our profession! Here are my additions, but I am positive there are many more we could add.

In order not to list every woman involved in testing here, I am including only those who blog, give talks, and have worked specifically in testing for a while.

Another clarification, obviously by proximity, this list initially includes mostly people from Uruguay, but hopefully it will grow with more influential female testers from all over Latin America.

Alfonsina Morgavi (Argentina): She works in the area of quality, and has lectured at conferences. She is linked to different quality certification organizations. (Thanks Nadia!)

Amalia Álvarez (Uruguay): She is a professor at the University ORT in Uruguay and director of QualyIT, where she provides process and quality consulting. Follow her on Twitter.

Ariane Izac (Brazil): She works in automated testing, has lectured in testing conferences and has published works on the topic. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Bárbara Cabral (Brazil): Cabral has given talks and blogs about quality. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Beatriz Pérez (Uruguay): She has taught at a University in Uruguay, UdelaR, was part of CES (an Uruguayan software testing academy) in its beginnings, and today she works in testing in Spain, where she moved to obtain a specific doctorate in model-driven testing (studies that I also continued, with her as my tutor).

Claudia Badell (Uruguay): Badell has lectured at international testing conferences, also taught at UdelaR and now works as a Senior Quality Engineer for Infragistics Uruguay. She specializes in agile testing and exploratory testing. With her and two other colleagues, we co-organized Latin America’s largest testing conference, TestingUY. Follow her on Twitter.

Florencia Iglesias (Uruguay): Director of THESE (The Software Evolution), a company dedicated to providing testing services. She has also lectured at conferences.

Gabriela Rial (Uruguay): Rial is the SQA manager at K2B. She has lectured at various conferences on the methodology of her work. She was my counterpart in one of my first projects, more than 10 years ago!

Gabriela Sánchez (Uruguay): Sánchez is a professor at University ORT, and was one of the creators of Abstracta Academy – our very own online testing training platform. She has given several talks about testing (even some with me), and has special experience in agile testing and exploratory testing. Follow her on Twitter.

Giulliana Scuoteguazza (Uruguay): She has worked for different testing companies (even for several years at Abstracta), has her own blog, and has collaborated in a non-profit focused on educating individuals in software testing with the help of volunteers for free, Proyecto Nahual. We have shared many projects with her! Follow her on Twitter.

Juliana Herbert (Brazil): Herbert is a professor at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre. She has lectured internationally on issues of software engineering and quality. She’s connected to different certification organizations such as ISTQB. (Thanks Claudia!) Follow on Twitter.

Kamilla Queiróz (Brazil): Co-founder of the Software Testing Group of Ceará. She has given talks related to performance testing and DevOps. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Leticia Almeida (Uruguay): Almeida leads performance testing projects at Abstracta, publishes articles frequently through the Abstracta and BlazeMeter blogs, and has lectured on performance testing at various events in Uruguay. We have shared many projects and challenges together. Follow her on Twitter.

Lisandra Armas (Cuba): Armas lives and works in Uruguay. She’s an expert in usability and accessibility testing. She’s given talks and published various articles on the subject (including this article, among others). Follow her on Twitter.

Marcela Mellado (Chile): Mellado is the founder of the community, Testing in Chile. Follow her on Twitter.

María Eugenia Decia (Uruguay): She’s given several testing talks in the GeneXus community. Today she works tests for K2B, where I also had the opportunity to share a project with her. Follow her on Twitter.

Mariana Travieso (Uruguay): Travieso is the leader of the functional testing department of CES. She has given several testing talks. We both became involved with CES at about the same time, in the beginning.

Melissa Pontes (Brazil): In 2014 she was one of the winners of the Agile Testing Days Software Testing World Cup! Follow her on Twitter.

Mónica Wodzislawski (Uruguay): She is one of those who have been with CES since the beginning, teaches classes at UdelaR. She was one of the people who helped initially shape me as a tester, in particular focusing on context driven testing.

Maria Clara Choucair (Colombia): Choucair is the founder and President of HASTQB as well as the CEO and founder of Choucair Testing, a Colombian testing company. (Thanks Fabian and Olga!) Follow her on Twitter.

Nadia Cavalleri (Argentina): Cavalleri has given talks at international events, she’s a blogger and now even has her own Youtube channel for sharing tidbits on testing. She is one of the organizers of the Argentesting. It’s incredible, but lately I see her all the time at every conference, face-to-face, or online. Follow her on Twitter.

Patrícia Gonçalves (Brazil): Gonçalves works as a tester, gives courses, and blogs about quality. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Paula Castro (Uruguay): Castro is a testing leader at Make IT Work and has lectured at international testing conferences.

Samanta Cicilia (Brazil): She is a blogger and has given many talks at international conferences, coordinates the DevOps meetup in Rio de Janeiro and an Agile Testers conference in Brazil. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Sarah Pimentel (Brazil): Pimentel works as a tester in Germany and is professor of topics related to quality. (She was mentioned by Lisa Crispin, I did not know her) Follow her on Twitter.

Silvia Da Rosa (Uruguay): She works at AGESIC and teaches at UCUDAL. She is most recognized for her experience in usability.

Silvia Nane (Uruguay): Nane is the founder of Make it Work (a company dedicated to testing services) and offers ISTQB courses. Follow her on Twitter.

Sofía Palamarchuk (Uruguay): Two years ago she took the responsibility of being the US CEO of Abstracta, diffusing and promoting testing activities in Silicon Valley. She has given talks at international events (we even gave more than one talk together last year) and writes frequently for different blogs. She is a born entrepreneur, developing within the different corners of testing. Follow her on Twitter.

Thaís Moura Freitas (Brazil): She works at ThoughtWorks and has given talks about agile testing. (Thanks Julio de Lima!) Follow her on Twitter.

Úrsula Bartram (Uruguay): Part of GeneXus’ testing team, she’s in charge of functional and automated tests. We have worked hard together in the development and testing of GXtest.

Virginia Chalegre (Brazil): Chalegre works in accessibility testing and has lectured at international conferences. (Thanks Nadia, I did not know of her!) Follow her on Twitter.

And that concludes my list! Who would you add?

(This article was originally posted in Spanish here.)


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