What Are Managed Testing Services?

It refers to a comprehensive outsourcing solution where an external provider takes responsibility for some or all of the software testing activities within an organization. At Abstracta, we empower you to grow your business by enhancing your software products to meet your so desired quality standards without maintaining a large in-house testing team.

Key Benefits that Matter to You

  • End-to-End Test Management

    Leverage our approach to streamline your development lifecycle.

    We manage the entire testing process, which involves end-to-end testing and all kinds of test scenarios. From requirement analysis and test planning to test execution and reporting, we enable you to achieve optimal software performance and reliability.

  • Optimized Outcomes

    Boost your efficiency and maximize ROI.

    We enhance your test coverage and refine testing processes to increase your return on investment and help your testing projects succeed.

  • Expertise

    Gain the right testing expertise your in-house team needs.

    With over 15 years of experience helping startups to Fortune 500 companies, we have specialized knowledge of all testing types and agile, methodologies and bring the best practices to the table.

  • Cost-Effective

    Control your budget while optimizing quality.

    We reduce your testing costs by assisting you through testing services as needed, rather than maintaining a full-time in-house team. You can choose between services such as functional testing, test automation, performance testing, accessibility testing, security testing, and more.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence for smarter testing.

    We incorporate AI and machine learning algorithms and AI-driven tools to analyze vast amounts of data, predict potential issues, and automate complex testing tasks.

  • Insightful Testing

    Obtain clarity into what needs to be tested, what is being tested, and the results.

    We proactively identify and address critical bugs earlier in the development cycle, significantly reducing the cost and effort required for fixes and helping to prevent project delays.

  • Improved Quality

    Elevate your software's standards and minimize defects.

    We help you to achieve higher quality by adhering to globally recognized standards and integrating our specialized knowledge in every project.

  • Use of the Latest Tools and Technologies

    Access to first-world testing tools.

    We invest in the latest testing tools, frameworks, and methodologies. Partnering with us means gaining access to a wealth of expertise and top-tier testing tools.

  • Transparency

    Make informed decisions backed by full visibility.

    Our approach includes greater transparency, ensuring every stakeholder is informed and satisfied throughout the project's lifecycle. Click here to dive into how we make testing progress visible.

Meet Your Abstracta Software Testing Team

Dedicated Test Engineers fully assigned to the project, working side by side with your team.

A Technical Leader provides support and is responsible for the technical aspects of the delivery.

A Customer Success Manager makes sure your needs are covered with regular follow-up meetings.

Our experts in software testing, automation, performance, agile Methodologies, development and DevOps, Usability and Accessibility, and Domain (e-commerce, banking, etc.) enable the highest quality engineering standards throughout the process.

Daily Communication

Weekly Status Reports


Monthly Progress Report

Our Key Areas of Expertise

  • AI Software Development illustration

    AI Software Development & Copilots

    Empower your organization with AI software development and AI tools to unlock new levels of productivity and quality.

  • Testing strategy illustration

    Software Test Strategy

    Enhance your software quality and mitigate business risks by refining your software test strategy and optimizing your testing practices for better outcomes.

  • Functional Testing illustration

    Functional Testing (Also Known As Manual Testing)

    Uncover issues that automated testing methods may not detect by tapping into the creativity and thoroughness of our seasoned testing teams.

  • Test Automation illustration

    Test Automation

    Boost your ROI with our test automation services, enhancing test efficiency and maintainability.

  • Performance Testing illustration

    Performance Testing

    Unlock optimal software performance and improve user experience with proactive performance testing.

  • Tool Development illustration

    Testing Tool Development

    Achieve greater control, flexibility, and customization with our tailored software testing tools.

  • Accessibility Testing illustration

    Accessibility Testing

    Enable website accessibility for all people and expand your software's reach while meeting your compliance goals.

  • Security Testing illustration

    Security Testing

    Build customer trust, reduce security breaches, meet compliance requirements, and improve overall system reliability.

  • DevOps Services illustration

    DevOps Services

    Implement DevOps practices to achieve higher quality software, improved efficiency, agility, and team collaboration at every step.

Featured Case Studies

We innovatively crafted an AI copilot for Bantotal, named Bantotal Copilot. This solution transforms its system traces into natural language with GenAI, and streamlines their operations for testers, analysts, and developers alike.


Our experts optimized the continuous performance testing scheme. Together with Shutterfly’s team, we managed to uphold the site's competitive advantage delivering a superior customer experience.


Our automation team worked on developing a scalable, resilient, and maintainable test automation framework. This enhanced the functionality and performance of their native apps, with over 20 million downloads.


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Others Say

  • Pronto+ logo

    "Their results were excellent. They quickly delivered high-quality automated performance testing capabilities and also empowered our team in relation to performance tests. The integration into our CI/CD channel was successful."

    Pablo Nessi

    Software Factory Manager, Pronto+
    Scotiabank Group

  • PedidosYa's logo

    "Working with Abstracta always gives us security and comfort when it comes to defining objectives. They are on the client’s side and correctly understand our needs. Due to their vast experience, they have the exact solution for any challenges we face. When starting a new project, they always have the right person to address it being attentive, adapting to the circumstances and meeting deadlines. We hope to work with Abstracta in future opportunities."

    Ruben Sosenke

    CTO and co-Founder, PedidosYa

  • Blazerunner's logo

    "Working with Abstracta has been an extremely positive experience. The level of expertise and professionalism truly stands out. I would strongly recommend their services. They're a strong partner."

    Alex Sarmiento

    VP Global Sales, Blazerunner

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