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We have been recognized by our clients on the #1 B2B ratings platform

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Here at Abstracta, we strive to perfect the balance of high-quality work, specialized talent, flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. We value quality above all, and we always want to ensure that our clients can be confident in the quality of our work. That’s why we joined Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, D.C.

Prospective clients can peruse our Clutch profile to see our portfolio, our reviews from former clients, and Clutch’s evaluation of our market presence in the software development industry. To have a third party reviews site evaluate the quality of our work is a very valuable opportunity for the Abstracta team. It enables us to see where we rank amongst our competitors, and it gives us the chance to hear directly from our business partners about their experiences working with our team.

Clutch’s mission is to provide prospective clients with the information necessary to choose their next service provider. They conduct extensive research on B2B services providers in industries like app & web development, software development & IT services, marketing & advertising and more, with the most crucial component of their research being client reviews.

Clutch will actually call and speak with our clients in phone interviews that are designed to get accurate and thorough insights into what it’s like partnering with us. The reviews are then published in written format on our Clutch profile.

So far, our reviews have given Abstracta a 5-Star rating overall! See what some of our clients have said:

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Ratings like these have contributed to our place on Clutch’s list of the top software application testing firms and we’re glad to hear that our clients are satisfied with our service. We have also been named one of the Top B2B Service Providers in South America.

We’re proud to see our company ranked so highly in Clutch’s evaluation. In fact, our phenomenal rankings on Clutch have qualified us to appear on their sister website, The Manifest. The Manifest provides industry reports, how-to-guides, and lists of top service providers across many industries. We earned our spot on their list through our market prominence, our high-quality work, and our consistent delivery to our clients.

We’re grateful to the Clutch team for their research and recognition, to our former clients for their reviews of our work, and to all who have helped our company grow over the years. Our stellar rankings on Clutch and The Manifest motivate us to work harder for our clients in the new year, giving our best to both new and returning customers.

Have you used Clutch before to evaluate a new service provider?

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