Software Testing Solutions, The Key to Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Why should software testing solutions be a priority for today’s marketers and CX professionals? Let us walk you through the latest stats and show you how we can help you. With our support, you can confidently implement bold strategies, shaping and navigating change for success.

Software Testing Solutions, The Key to Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Software quality is the master key to growth for IT companies looking to innovate today, in a context of increasing competition, with increasingly complex systems and more demanding customers.

Software testing solutions have become indispensable for businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge. They are crucial for ensuring that software products are not only functional but also meet the high-quality standards demanded by consumers.

Comprehensive testing strategies, including both manual testing and automated testing, play a pivotal role. By incorporating a variety of testing solutions, such as test automation frameworks and testing tools, companies can ensure the delivery of high-quality software applications.

This holistic approach to software testing encompasses everything from unit testing and integration testing to functional testing and performance testing, highlighting the importance of quality assurance throughout the entire development process.

Wide Coverage

Comprehensive software testing solutions may include functional testing, automated testing (also known as automation testing and test automation), performance testing, security testing, accessibility testing, unit testing, regression testing, usability testing, UI testing, API testing, integration testing, test environment management and test data management.

The integration of continuous testing and test data management into the software testing solutions arsenal enables businesses to adapt to rapid changes in technology and customer expectations.

Continuous testing, with its focus on real-time feedback and immediate correction of defects, complements the iterative nature of the software development lifecycle, allowing for seamless integration of new features and functionalities.

This agile approach to testing boosts test environments to be efficiently managed and test cases to be effectively executed, thereby enhancing the overall quality of software applications.

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Global Data

Global Data

Digital 2024 Global Overview Report

According to Digital 2024 Global Overview Report, published in partnership between We Are Social and Meltwater:

📲 There are now 8.08 billion people living on Earth, while the number of unique mobile phone users sits at 5.61 billion at the start of 2024.

Digital 2024 Global Overview Report - Essential Digital Headunes

📲 More than 66 percent of all the people on Earth now use the internet, with the latest data putting the global user total at 5.35 billion. Internet users have grown by 1.8 percent over the past 12 months, thanks to 97 million new users since the start of 2023.

Digital 2024 Global Overview Report - Digital Growth

📲 Internet is increasingly woven into every aspect of our daily lives, from communication and entertainment to work and education, underscoring the critical importance of software quality in ensuring smooth and secure experiences in this ubiquitous environment. Take a look at this graph:

Digital 2024 Global Overview Report  Main reasons for using the Internet

More Data

📲 According to the latest “The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US” CISQ report, it is estimated that software quality issues may have cost the U.S. economy $2.41 trillion in 2022, while it had been $2.08 trillion (T) in 2020 (You can check that in the report just here).

📲 Website Builder published that 53% of website visitors will leave if the site takes more than three seconds to load, and 52% of potential customers are driven away by a bad mobile experience. Moreover, 90% of users stop using an app due to poor performance.

Tangible Experiences

Do you remember a time when a website, app, or tool didn’t work properly when you needed it to?

Nowadays the solution to a platform that doesn’t meet a user’s expectations is quite simple: Change the application with just a couple of clicks. There are so many digital alternatives that the effort of changing tools can be less than, for example, waiting for a page to load.

Going deeper, how many times do systems fail and complicate situations that could be much simpler? 

What happens if what fails is a bank software or a financial service just when someone needs it? What happens if it is a scientific software? Or one that operates with important data in health systems? What if it is road transport?

All these individual and collective experiences make us think about the importance of the work of software testing services and software quality so that the digital experience of users is the best possible. Because, basically, this is what determines whether or not a person stays on a platform. And it is on this thread that the future of a business hangs.

Take a closer look at our case studies and learn how we helped companies like Shutterfly improve their digital experiences.

Can We Ensure Quality? 

The answer is certainly no. Systems will always have flaws of some kind, however minimal. There is an infinite variety of expectations on the part of users and, therefore, there is no way to guarantee quality in the eyes of all users.

However, it is paramount to make every effort to co-build the best software possible. “Because of a system failure, a catastrophe can happen,” said Abstracta Co-founder and CQO Federico Toledo

“There are many examples: from exploding space rockets to systems that have caused serious health problems. These are very extreme cases, but they are real. There are also situations that affect people’s daily lives and therefore their quality of life. Today almost everything is mediated by systems and that is why software quality is so important for the daily development of life itself“, he continued. 

For all this, at Abstracta we never talk about guarantees. We prefer to think of testing as a process to assess risk, so that the team can make better business decisions to improve quality, speed the release of high-quality software, and improve the customer experience.

Should You Partner With a Software Testing Company for your Next Digital Project?

Continuous testing is undoubtedly a good answer to the needs of the digital era, which is just beginning. It is a process of continuous, automated, and constant testing in the software development lifecycle so that bugs can be found and corrected as soon as they occur. 

When partnering with a software testing provider specializing in diverse digital projects, including web and mobile apps, systems, and the broader software testing market, ensure their team comprises experienced teams dedicated to ongoing. This approach will give you the confidence to professionally handle any digital project and achieve exceptional results.

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