New Partnership Between Abstracta and Tricentis

Today we celebrate a new chapter in our history with Tricentis: Our partnership as an Official Solutions Partner on Test Automation. 

We are a certified Tricentis Solutions Partner

Solutions Partner
Test Automation

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership as an Official Solutions Partner for Tricentis Test Automation. This new chapter highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in the creation of quality software.

This strategic alliance positions us to expand our automation service offering and strengthen our commitment to quality and operational efficiency.

A Transformative Synergy

The partnership with Tricentis opens a panorama full of possibilities for organizations and companies that wish to stand out in the dynamic world of software development.

Our partnership allows us to integrate our experience and capabilities in automation with Tricentis’ advanced solutions, to offer high-quality solutions and form increasingly effective development teams.

The combination of their tools with our experience goes beyond the sum of individual capabilities. It represents a strategy to lead the industry towards a future where the efficiency and quality of software are fundamental in the lives of people and communities.

What does Tricentis offer and why can we at Abstracta support its use?  

Tricentis is a technology provider focused on software testing. The company is a key partner of SAP, a global leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, and offers tools for test automation, performance testing, and test management, among others.

It stands out as a strategic ally for teams planning to migrate to S/4HANA, the latest generation of SAP software. In this regard, Tricentis provides modern AI-driven test automation that fosters SAP innovation rather than limiting it. Their approach includes performance testing, ensuring that updated applications, crucial in S/4HANA environments, are scalable and function seamlessly.

This way, Tricentis provides its clients with a cutting-edge synergy between industry-leading testing tools and the world’s foremost ERP.

One of the tools for which Tricentis is renowned is called Testim. It is a low-code test automation platform that we have been working with since 2020, even before its acquisition by Tricentis. From the outset, our aim has been to facilitate its implementation, as well as its expansion and enablement.

“We have worked on more than 10 projects with Testim,” noted Christopher Iatridis, Account Executive at Abstracta. “When Tricentis acquired Testim in 2022, its management recognized our potential as a professional services provider for Testim and invited us to join their partner network. Since then, we have been working with Tricentis Testim, to offer services to their customers using Testim.”

From the second half of 2023, Tricentis invited us to be “Solution Partners” for automation, specifically with Testim. This means that we have demonstrated an understanding and ability for test automation. Today, we are part of a select group to implement professional services for Tricentis Testim customers,” Christopher detailed.

Federico Martinez, QE Lead at Abstracta, explained that Tricentis customers face a very long learning curve to incorporate Tricentis tools effectively into their work processes. Sometimes they do not have the time to fully understand them and take advantage of their potential.

“This is where Abstracta’s support comes into play, guiding these clients to use the tool properly, to maximize its capabilities, and even collaborate in resolving highly complex situations,” he pointed out.

“As we at Abstracta are specialists in everything related to testing and its automation, especially in low-code testing, we can help Tricentis’ clients,” Christopher specified.

The main goal of this alliance is, ultimately, to empower each other. Simplify the learning curve and optimize the use of Tricentis’ tools, to achieve a quick and effective implementation in our clients’ work environments.

In this way, we are prepared to face exciting challenges and respond to changing market needs with agility, commitment, and precision.

About Abstracta

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Our testing products include GXtest, used in more than 15 countries worldwide, and Apptim, an innovative tool for mobile testing.

Our purpose is to positively impact society and redefine standards of excellence, in pursuit of creating increasingly higher quality, smarter, and also more human software. 

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