Webinar: BDD and CD with Lisa Crispin

Lisa shares why and how to align behavior-driven development and continuous delivery for better outcomes

Continuous delivery (CD) is all about delivering small changes to customers frequently and without strain or stress for the team. A big part of this involves enabling shared understanding across the team of the capabilities to build, carving features into thin end-to-end slices (remember – small changes!), getting quick feedback, and using that feedback wisely to build confidence.

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a tried-and-true way to build shared understanding of features and stories among team members from different disciplines. It helps teams avoid re- work and shorten cycle time.

In this talk, Lisa will explore ways that BDD enables successful CD, and CD enhances the benefits of BDD. Practicing both can deliver valuable changes to customers faster, while reducing the risk of production failures.

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