Announcement: We’re Expanding into Colombia!

We’re on the rise! It’s with immense excitement that we announce the establishment of a new branch of Abstracta in Colombia. Our partnership with Qualitas Test Team throughout 2023 and our collaborative efforts have culminated in a merger. With this move, we aim to enrich each other, broaden our service offerings, and elevate software development on a regional and global scale.

Federico Toledo, Fabián Baptista, Mauricio Rojas Lago, Ricardo Becker, Matías Reina, Darrel Farris, Mercedes Quintero, y Paz De Soto, at the Quality Sense Conf in Chile, 2023.

It’s almost a year since we partnered with Qualitas Test Team, a powerhouse in providing comprehensive testing services from Colombia to the globe. As a next step, we decided to up the ante and merge, a strategic move to amplify our presence, fine-tune our services, and deliver solutions that are more robust, secure, efficient, and inclusive than ever.

We’re wholeheartedly convinced of the enormous potential that Colombia and Latin America at large hold in contributing to a burgeoning sector like ICT. This potential isn’t just about growth in infrastructure and digital services; it’s about making a significant impact.

Abstracta and Qualitas share core values and a vision for the industry and the role of companies within it. We’ve found in their team a formidable ally with whom we can synergize. Moreover, Colombia is making significant strides in innovation, and we’re eager to be part of this journey,” emphasized Matías Reina, CEO of Abstracta Global.

According to Mercedes Quintero Martinez, the newly appointed CEO of Abstracta Colombia and formerly of Qualitas Test Team, this union is a fusion of Qualitas’ innovation, human-centric approach, and regional expertise.

“The integration of a new Abstracta branch in Colombia is a blending of the limitless potential of the human spirit with precision, abstraction, and analytical rigor. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and synergy. It’s the outcome of empathy, patience, openly and deeply shared knowledge, and unified dreams,” she expressed.

This is the first new international headquarters we’ve opened since Chile in 2019, with outcomes that have exceeded all our expectations.  Mauricio Rojas Lagos, CEO of Abstracta Chile narrated, “The initial years were challenging, with the social demands in Chile towards the end of 2019 and the subsequent arrival of the pandemic. But we persevered and emerged stronger.”

“Currently, we’re experiencing sustained growth in clients and projects in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States,” he highlighted.

“The inclusion of Colombia marks a significant step in our evolution as a global enterprise. While we were already partners with Qualitas, this merger will allow us to offer more comprehensive solutions. Moreover, solutions tailored to the region’s needs to achieve a common strategic vision for our international growth,” Mauricio emphasized.

“In this process, we blend the cultures of each organization and the cultures of each country that makes up Abstracta. This allows us to understand different perspectives of reality and analyze it in a more comprehensive, extensive, and inclusive manner. This will enable us to bring more innovation to every digital transformation project, empower people in different parts of Latin America, and expand our services,” outlined Matías.

“We’re all fueling each other’s growth, fostering a culture we’re proud of. This enables us to co-create top-tier technology and make a positive impact on society and in our communities,” concluded Matías.

Thus, having almost 5 years of presence in Chile and now integrating Colombia, we open up new horizons for us in Latin America as well as globally as industry leaders.

By diversifying our operations and adapting to the cultural and commercial dynamics, not only do we enhance our ability to influence and penetrate new markets but also expand our growth prospects and broaden our vision for the future.

About Qualitas

Founded and led by Mercedes Quintero in 2014, the company offers comprehensive testing services from Popayán, the capital of the Cauca department in Colombia. They serve major companies in Colombia and LATAM, alongside a team of over 30 testers.

Choosing Popayán as its headquarters underscores Mercedes’ belief in the innovative capacity that exists in Cauca. Mercedes carved her academic and professional path in the region and understood that realizing her business vision in Popayán was not only feasible but also an opportunity to contribute to the economic and technological development of her community.

Popayán Municipal Mayor’s Office, Qualitas’ birthplace

Just like Abstracta, Qualitas was built step by step, as an entrepreneurial venture. Year after year, it expanded its client base, extending its services to the United States, Spain, various parts of Central America, and Colombia. As well as the number of key figures and partner companies around the world.

A pioneer in advising software development companies on the ISO 33000 standard in Colombia, in 2016, Qualitas formed an alliance with the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) and AQC Lab, the first accredited laboratory for Software Product Quality and Data Quality Evaluation based on the international ISO/IEC 25000 standard in Colombia. They’ve become consultants and thought leaders on the subject in their country.

Another notable milestone in their journey was in 2019 when they conducted tests for products developed for companies like Disney and McDonald’s. Likewise, the company has specialized in managing Bantotal, through its work in testing for microfinance banking entities. 

Qualitas provided direct employment opportunities to more than 150 people and helped pave new paths for professionals from different industries to enter and thrive in the tech sector. In addition, it participated in multiple initiatives to train inexperienced youth, in favor of their inclusion and professional development, as well as in multiple industry events, both as attendees and speakers. 

The company is part of the most relevant guilds in Colombia in the Tech sector: Fedesoft and ANDI del Futuro. It has been highlighted by the Mundo Mujer Foundation for gender inclusion in technological spaces. Much like Abstracta is a bootstrap company, which has always developed without investors, Qualitas also grew always in an organic and cooperative manner, step by step.

Collaboration is one of the company’s most valued principles. So much so that in 2022, they jointly created with their team the mission of their company: “When the world thinks of testing, it thinks of Qualitas Test Team.” In the same vein, at Abstracta, all members have the opportunity to contribute ideas and proposals for defining the strategy for the following year, to continue growing and developing both individually and collectively.

Qualitas and Abstracta share deep values and a collaborative way of doing things. Getting to know each other, we have confirmed that we are united by the search to generate a culture of transparent work, trust, and mutual care. We have numerous examples where we seek the team’s participation to continue growing and developing collective purposes that unite us. 

Their goals, history, and values reflect us. Their challenges excited and engaged us from the moment we met Mercedes. Sharing the path with an entrepreneur like her and her team fills us with joy, as part of a growth plan that knows no bounds, always aimed at creating software that positively impacts our society.

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