Find the Best Way to Achieve AI Transformation within Your Team

Generative Artificial Intelligence holds immense potential, yet defining where and how to integrate it requires careful consideration and expertise. Don’t use AI in software development just because it’s cool or powerful – make every implementation impactful!

Whether you’re just starting to understand the latest LLMs capabilities, AI algorithms, AI in development processes or are an expert in Machine Learning models, we are eager to guide you through this transformative journey.

  • Harness Leaders and Empower Your Team in a Safe Manner

    Navigate the challenges of AI transformation and integration confidently. Our private and secure ChatGPT alternative enables controlled interactions when using any LLMs, boosting your leaders to embrace AI while maintaining data privacy. Empower your team and manage your budget effectively. Explore this solution on Azure Marketplace and harness your leaders with our training.
  • Craft Custom Solutions with the Support of an Experienced Partner

    Boost productivity and tackle complex challenges with our adaptable AI-enabled tools and copilots! We've created solutions for different technological needs, from streamlining recruitment processes and supporting career paths to enhancing business expertise. Partner with us to transform your operations with advanced AI integration.
  • Easily Add Your Own AI Assistant

    Build your own web-based AI assistant and integrate it into your existing apps with ease, making the most of your existing code and code snippets for an optimal fit. Our open-source Browser Copilot facilitates this integration, allowing your users to interact through voice, text, or images, seamlessly blending with your app’s current interface. Discover more on Github.

Our Partners

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Why Choose Abstracta for AI Software Development?

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    Quality Evangelists:
    We are an industry-leading firm focused on building quality software. We infuse our expertise in coding process, reliability, tool development, performance, and test automation into AI transformation projects, unlocking new levels of productivity. Our in-depth knowledge and innovative approaches benefit every software development process.

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    Proven Success in Generative AI:
    We’ve successfully deployed Generative AI software solutions for real-world scenarios as well as different open-source tools to harness AI for positive long-lasting outcomes. Our work with AI systems, including natural language processing and predictive analytics, showcases our ability to leverage technology for sophisticated solutions.

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    Strategic Partnerships:
    We've forged robust partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Marvik, and GeneXus Enterprise AI. This empowers us with the confidence to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our projects. Our collaboration with these leaders further solidifies our position at the forefront of AI software development.

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    Commitment to Innovation:
    Constantly innovating, our teams of software developers and software testers are committed to continuous learning by experimenting and applying the most recent AI breakthroughs to keep you always ahead of the curve. Our dedication allows us to automate repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency and creativity in your projects.

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    Tailored Co-Creation:
    We believe in co-creation, crafting strategies meticulously tailored to your unique needs and goals. This strategy enables a clear understanding and strong team support while aligning with your core values and business priorities.

Need Help with AI Software Development?

We deploy AI solutions for real-world scenarios to achieve positive, lasting outcomes. We are eager to guide you through this transformative journey. Get in touch with us today!