How We Unlocked Innovation Jointly with Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab

Dive into our transformative journey with Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab! In this partnership with Microsoft, we have set new standards for understanding systems on the path of enhancing software quality and beyond.

Abstracta with Microsoft Co- Innovation Lab

By Natalie Rodgers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform businesses in every industry, driving growth and innovation. At the heart of this transformation is the Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab a partnership between visionary companies and Microsoft’s AI experts that supports from startups to S500 companies in all industries.

Before diving into our journey with Microsoft, let’s understand the essence of this innovative lab.

Headquartered in Uruguay, it is the third Microsoft AI lab outside the United States, and the first one in Latin America. It serves as a bridge, connecting businesses with the forefront of AI development. It’s a place where ideas can become reality.

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What is Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab?

The Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab is a platform that connects businesses with Microsoft’s AI experts and developers to design and prototype AI and cloud solutions.

As stated by AI Co-Innovation Labs’ Manager, Elianne Elbaum during the celebration of their first anniversary, “Microsoft has forged strong relationships with 100 nominating customers, delivering cutting-edge solutions that cater to their specific needs.”

On the other hand, according to Jun Yamasaki, Head of the lab, they “have labs strategically located around the globe and each has dedicated Microsoft experts” that will help design your architecture and also offer multi-day sessions of rugged prototyping.

This initiative underscores Microsoft’s commitment to driving innovation and supporting businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail, and education.

Our Journey With Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab

Our Journey with AI Lab Microsoft

Our collaboration with Microsoft was a leap into the future. Fabian Baptista, our CIO, shared, “Partnering with Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab provided us the opportunity to work with excellent professionals, have a great acceleration score, and also innovate faster.”

To understand the mechanics of this collaboration, let’s explore how it works in detail.

How Does The Collaboration Work?

The process is just transformative. With a strong idea in mind, you organize it into sprints and bring it to Microsoft. Then, you execute it in the lab with experts and pre-functioning components to iterate and find a solution.

This method of co-working allowed us at Abstracta to measure our progress through an “acceleration score.” This score quantified our joint advancements with Microsoft versus what we could have achieved independently.

Our Innovation: Citizen Developer Copilot

Citizen Developer Copilot

In 2023, we embraced a mission to help non-technical people develop, test, and deploy low-code apps.

When building real and complex software with numerous teams, and potentially various vendors involved in development, configuration, and infrastructure, it becomes a significant challenge to understand the system’s behavior under construction.

On this path, we decided to leverage our partnership with Microsoft and make the most of its AI Lab. Microsoft provided us with strong capabilities to experiment better and faster (1:6 acceleration score), and we developed the Citizen Developer Copilot.

The Copilot’s front end is a browser extension (compatible with Chrome and Edge), powered by our Browser Copilot framework. Its main focus? To transform how your team interacts with technology.

From querying database information and creating users across systems, to real-time performance consultations, the Citizen Developer Copilot simplifies complex operations into straightforward tasks. This is achieved through natural language prompts, enabling your team to achieve more with less effort.

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Abstracta’s Real-World Case Study

AI Assistant Browser Copilot

Bantotal is a leading banking system in Latin America that solves the mission-critical banking operations of banks, financial institutions, fintechs, e-commerce, and more, benefiting over 35 million people.

It is a complex system, with hundreds of thousands of programs, developed in multi-vendor environments over nearly four decades. This makes it particularly difficult to have all documentation up to date as well as a complete understanding of the system.

Our R&D team developed the Bantotal Copilot in collaboration with Bantotal’s R&D team and Microsoft’s AI Co-Innovation Lab. This is an innovative AI copilot designed to address specific operational challenges and bridge the gap between technical complexity and operational efficiency.

Supporting these endeavors, Microsoft’s robust technological infrastructure, including Azure data center, enables high availability and scalability for our needs.

Explore our Bantotal’s Case Study to learn more.

Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab Anniversary

Federico Toledo, Matías Reina, and Fabián Baptista - Microsoft AI Co-Innovation Lab Anniversary

Leveraging the strategic global presence of Microsoft’s labs, we’ve engaged in over 40 projects, highlighted during the anniversary celebration event of the lab.

Our collaboration with Microsoft has enabled us to design sophisticated architectures and engage in intensive prototyping sessions, significantly enhancing our AI technological capabilities and operational efficiency.

Our work over the past year has extended beyond our immediate projects, contributing to understanding complex software with numerous teams, which can be applied and tailored to different kinds of systems.

Microsoft Partnership – An Alliance for the Present and the Future

Microsoft Partnership - An Alliance for the Present and the Future

At Abstracta, we joined Microsoft as partners to drive innovation and improve our solutions with cutting-edge AI technology applied to software development in general, and to testing and quality in particular. This way, we aim to help our customers develop systems of increasingly better quality and more efficiently.

As we celebrate its lab anniversary, we’re reminded of the progress we’ve made and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our partnership with Microsoft has not only provided us with access to unparalleled expertise and resources but also accelerated our journey from concept to market.

Inspired by our achievements and the potential of AI, we’re committed to continuing our exploration of this technology, aiming to develop solutions that address the challenges of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow.

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