How to Use Generative Artificial Intelligence to Empower Your Business

The massification of the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence is leading to its democratization. This can empower companies in unimaginable ways. How can we take advantage of all its benefits? We invite you to review everything we talked about in our last webinar, organized by Abstracta in partnership with Microsoft.

How is Generative Artificial Intelligence transforming the way we work? How can this impact people and businesses? We talked about all these topics and more in our latest webinar, along with Matías Reina, CEO of Abstracta; Vera Babat, Chief Culture Officer at Abstracta; Walter Novoa, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft; and Mauricio Rojas Lagos, CEO of Abstracta Chile, as the host.

We are in the midst of a silent revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence. We are experiencing processes of democratization in its use, in some cases for free and in others at a very low price. This is leading to a massification that did not exist before, and enabling new realities.

At Abstracta, we started experimenting with Generative Artificial intelligence (genAI) some time ago in all our areas. Part of what allowed us to experiment was our alliance with Microsoft. This company is making this cutting-edge technology available very quickly, through Azure,” Matias expressed.

“This new trend presents us with a reality that challenges us. It forces us to seek to understand its benefits, such as creativity and productivity, and also its limitations and risks,” he outlined.

“Whether we address it or not, genAI is already in our lives and impacting us. It is paramount then to deepen the responsibility we have in our leadership roles. That is the genesis of this event: to come together to share and learn faster,” he emphasized.

From Microsoft, Walter stressed that the key to all of the above is democratization. He explained that it used to be very complicated to implement an AI discipline in companies because it required specialists to create the models. “Sometimes it became so complex that we couldn’t even think of what use cases it could have in our company.”

The Microsoft expert pointed out: “genAI and the possibility of using it in models that have already been previously delivered. Now, in a matter of weeks, you can have your app running with your own development team without major costs. This increases productivity.

Despite being a tool that is on the table, there are certain conceptions in the minds of many companies. Conceptions related to fears and lack of knowledge about how to carry out some practices. In some cases, they believe that they will need too much time to understand and obtain tangible benefits.

However, as Walter exposed, you can see a positive impact on business very quickly.

How can non-tech companies join this wave?

To this question from Mauricio, Vera responded that many companies feel that they do not have the equipment or experience to carry out these processes. “We are talking about a technology that generates enthusiasm but also some fear. It fascinates us and scares us a little at the same time because it manages to do things we didn’t think possible.”

Vera exclaimed that it is necessary to “rethink how we think.” “Today we have an assistant at hand ready to help us, to generate ideas, ‘someone’ to think with, who can explain and summarize complex issues, we are facing something we have never seen before.”

In the same vein, Matias emphasized: “It is difficult to feel that we can really get on and understand what it is all about. That’s why at Abstracta, we propose a form of experimentation, simple and effective.”

Experimentation and Recording

It is not necessary to subtract production time from other projects but to incorporate genAI into daily tasks. The critical point is to share experiences collectively, nurture new ideas, and learn faster.

“At Abstracta, first of all, we offered a MasterClass on the subject. In just 1 hour, all the people working in the company had the possibility to have an initial notion. Later, we held a hackathon to experiment in teams and draw conclusions,” said Matías.

“Then, we generated a group experimentation instance. It consisted of people from different areas, on a voluntary basis, experimenting with genAI in their daily work, and sharing their experiences in a weekly meeting. In just one month, we learned lessons that we then transmitted to our different areas“, he continued.

In this post, Matías tells step-by-step how we recorded the experiments in Abstracta.

Mauricio pointed out that many companies may feel that they do not belong to the technological world and therefore consider themselves alien to this revolution. Even so, he clarified that all areas of a company can benefit from genAI.

In this post, Apptim’s Abstracta CTO Fabian Baptista tells how AI has empowered not only CEOs, leaders, developers, and testers, but also people in non-technical roles.

How to Train Your Team?

For non-technical teams, the notion that Generative Artificial Intelligence is ready to use, through a chat in a very enjoyable, conversational mode, is very important.

Walter spoke of the relevance of losing fear and understanding these advances as an aid. “We are talking about a catalyst, an enhancer of what we can do, at the reach of a web browser.” There are many courses and articles in which you can learn tricks and ways to achieve greater effectiveness.

For technical areas, Microsoft has available Microsoft Learn, and also a program especially for startups. So they can learn how to create co-pilots within their applications and can materialize their ideas, with support from specialists.

Changes and Challenges

Matias presented a parallel that helped the audience understand more about the changes and challenges. “Just as we once had to understand what a program was, to automate certain tasks, now we have to understand genAI as a new engineering block. We need to learn where and how to apply it to do it effectively.

Change always brings challenges. In the case of AI implementation, one of the main challenges is to manage to build a safe and efficient environment for its use. Both from the technical aspect related to data privacy and from the human perspective.

AI can allow us to spend more time on the activities that generate the most value, but safe experimentation with AI is a challenge in itself and depends on each company.

How can we ensure that AI implementation does not expose private information?

It is crucial not to share sensitive or private data when using platforms such as GPT Chat. In addition, it is paramount to check all information, edit, and not reproduce anything without a thorough look. In turn, the final decision on what to take from what the system proposes will always be human.

In this article, we share concrete and actionable tips for you to leverage the full potential of ChatGPT while minimizing risks.

In the past, there have been reports of private data being exposed, so this issue is a big fear for some companies. “What Microsoft provides to companies is a secure environment, and robustness to safeguard their data.”

Security in Company Developments

Walter explained that one of the main advantages of Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI is that OpenAI services can run within the Azure cloud. This provides “almost unlimited” resources for every company working in Azure.

“By enabling an OpenAI space for your company within Azure, you’re setting aside a space in this cloud that we have just for your company. So the interactions and the data that’s flowing are going to be totally private.”

The specialist explained the difference between working without Azure. “In the fine print of ChatGPT, there is a section that says that your data can be used to improve the app or retrain the model. But there are customers who want their information to be totally private. In those cases, having a private OpenAI service takes on a lot of importance.”

Azure provides technical tools for the development of apps that use their systems to include both preventive and corrective security. They have a very strict management in relation to who they enable their services, in order to avoid malicious uses. “We don’t just offer a platform but a whole set of tools so that the developments really bring benefits to our society”.

Future and Present of AI

In Matias’ words: “We are constantly asking ourselves how all this is going to evolve. It’s good to get ahead of the curve, but it’s crucial to understand AI today.” To deal with the new challenges, Abstracta’s CEO recommended focusing on the present, and determining what AI is good for today, and for what it’s not.

Do people need to develop new skills? Which professions will be most affected? There are many questions that remain open to us for further reflection, but the most important thing is to achieve a mindset of continuous experimentation.

At the conclusion of the webinar, Matias and Vera proposed 2023 as a year of awareness, to understand that we need to learn constantly and create safe working environments for companies, that contemplate psychological safety.

They pointed out that, in the long term, this will enable us to see what products and large projects can be devised with the support of this technology, with greater efficiency.

“People are very used to thinking about our role in society from our workplace. That is why it is important to enable conversations about this in companies. Thus we do not get on an apocalyptic train and can see where we can contribute more value and what we can stop doing,” said Vera.

“Tools are going to assist us more and more, as co-pilots in our work. But it is the people who are responsible for what we deliver. We need to achieve a positive symbiosis with AI. This is what is going to allow us to quickly reach our goals, in favor of our society. That is what we are looking to do,” concluded Matias.

In what ways has your company implemented genAI during this time? We are interested in hearing about your experiences!

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