Browser Copilot, Your AI Assistant Framework

Get to know our open-source revolutionary copilot that integrates AI assistants into your browser, designed to simplify and enrich your interaction with various web applications. At Abstracta, we can help you, in partnership with Microsoft, to create and implement customized solutions for your business.

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In the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence, efficiency and customization are more than just competitive advantages. They are necessities. 

Aware of this reality, we created Browser Copilot. It is an open-source AI virtual assistant that functions as a unique framework allowing the integration, deployment, and use of a growing series of AI copilots, directly in your browser. This innovative approach positions Browser Copilot as a leading virtual assistant technology, harnessing advanced AI technologies to enhance user experience across the web.

The idea originated from our own team’s need for an interface capable of integrating copilots to use on different websites and with different clients. Recognizing the growing demand for personal AI assistants in managing tasks and scheduling, we envisioned a tool that not only improves task management but also offers consistent support for administrative tasks, setting a new standard for digital assistants.

Given the absence of such a product on the market, we decided to make it available to the open-source community, as a contribution to the development and growth of the industry. This decision underscores our commitment to AI technology and its potential to revolutionize how we interact with digital environments, from small businesses to large enterprises.

This system is versatile and easy to use, designed to adapt and evolve with your needs. Whether it’s managing team calendars, handling sales teams, or offering enhancing productivity solutions, Browser Copilot is equipped to integrate any kind of copilot and handle a wide range of tasks.

What is Browser Copilot?

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It is a platform that facilitates the integration of artificial intelligence assistants as browser extensions, to assist in a variety of tasks and offer an unprecedented user experience.

With the ability to perform complex tasks using natural language processing and machine learning, Browser Copilot is not just any AI assistant; it’s a game changer in virtual assistant technology.

Browser Copilot is an innovative open-source extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge, revolutionizing the way users interact with their web browsers. It can be activated manually at the user’s convenience, or set up to kick in automatically, providing a seamless experience. 

In actual fact, it stands as a prime example of AI virtual assistants’ growing influence in the realm of browser automation. By leveraging artificial intelligence, this AI assistant helps users navigate the web more efficiently, streamlining complex tasks and offering personalized guidance based on the user’s browsing patterns and preferences.

You can integrate it into your enterprise systems such as SAP and Salesforce, to support any of the teams in finance, development, testing, sales, marketing, People Care (also known as Human Resources), and much more.

Key Benefits of our AI Assistant

Benefits of an AI assistant

Personalized Assistance

The versatility of our system allows the most relevant AI copilot to be automatically activated according to the web application you are using. This means you will have personalized and contextual assistance at all times, a testament to the personalized suggestions and user-friendly design of our AI-powered virtual assistants.


The ability to interact with web applications and extract relevant information from the same web system like HTML, Javascript, or HTTP requests, to simplify processes that previously required multiple steps or detailed attention. This feature demonstrates the cutting-edge nature of Browser Copilot as it navigates the future of web interactions.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of incorporating and activating copilots in the desired web applications, with smooth and uncomplicated processes. Additionally, any service API can be used to obtain additional information or automate processes within the web application, reinforcing the role of AI technology in enhancing productivity and streamlining routine tasks.

How Can You Integrate Browser Copilot into Your Business?

Integrate copilot to your business

At Abstracta, we offer our clients the opportunity to jointly develop copilot ideas based on their challenges and needs, with advice from our engineering teams and customized consulting from Microsoft.

You can create all the copilots you need, to assist various roles, integrate them into Browser Copilot then, and have it available on your web.

Once the product is defined, we develop it together with our R&D team, with assistance from Microsoft’s AI lab. Then, we integrate the created copilots into Browser Copilot so that they can use it in their systems.

This way, this framework helps you continuously improve the way you interact with the Web, and optimize both your results and efficiency.

Possible Use Cases

Connection with External Services (API)

Unlock the full potential of your web applications with the integration of specialized copilots within Browser Copilot. These smart tools sync with APIs to extract and automate the display of additional information, enriching the user experience by providing relevant data from other systems right where and when they are needed.

Contextual Automation 

Enhance your communication management with the help of email copilots embedded in Browser Copilot. Enjoy the convenience of efficiently managing, summarizing, and getting answers to your questions about your emails, all effortlessly integrated into the interface of your current web application.

Assistance for Meetings

Empower your work meetings with live copilots through Browser Copilot, designed to provide you with instant assistance in processing the information being discussed. With direct access to resources such as the meeting’s audio, these copilots can provide you with key data on clients and their finances, or other vital information in real-time, directly integrated into your workflow.

Abstracta’s Success Story

Abstracta success story

In 2023, at Abstracta, we developed the Bantotal Copilot at the Microsoft AI lab in Uruguay, the third Microsoft lab outside the United States.

Bantotal is a leading banking system in Latin America that solves the mission-critical banking operations of banks, financial institutions, Fintechs, e-Commerce, and more, benefiting over 35 million people.

It is a complex system, with hundreds of thousands of programs, developed in multi-vendor environments over nearly 4 decades. This makes it particularly difficult to have all documentation up to date as well as a complete understanding of the system.

AI Assistant Browser Copilot

The Bantotal Copilot connects to Bantotal and assists testers, analysts, and developers in understanding the system. Through observability systems, it allows knowing what is happening in the system live.

For each requirement, it provides a summary of what was requested (tables, programs, web services involved) and allows the user to delve into that information. It uses GenAI to translate a trace generated by Bantotal into natural language and then allows the user to interact with that information.

In a Nutshell – AI Virtual Assistant

Future of AI

As we look toward the near future, it’s clear that technology evolves at a rapid pace. Browser Copilot stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a user-friendly, AI-powered solution that transforms the way we interact with the digital world.

By integrating personal assistants directly into your browser, Browser Copilot enables you to manage all your tasks with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

With Browser Copilot, your journey into the future of AI assistants begins now, opening doors to new possibilities and enhancing productivity across every aspect of your digital life.

We invite you to delve into Bantotal’s case study.

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