Quality Sense Conference Returns in a New Edition

It’s Quality Sense Conference time in Chile! The event will tour Latin America, with speakers from different parts of the world and a focus on quality software development. Be prepared for two days of great learning and networking, in person and virtually, on November 9 and 10th.

NOV 9 & 10 2023
Quality Sense Conf 2023 Chile

It is a great pleasure to be able to share this news! It fills me with excitement and enthusiasm. After the significant impact the first edition of QSC had on the IT community in Uruguay, Abstracta decided to organize a new edition of the event.

By doing so, we aim to continue positioning Latin America as a digital hub in the world. We seek to keep on expanding access to knowledge so that the IT community can grow and network to create software of increasingly better quality.

We are hosting the 2nd edition of the event on November 9th and 10th in Santiago de Chile, Chile, for 250 people. This event will feature talks by a diversity of speakers from different parts of the world. Furthermore, it will be streamed online, for which we estimate to have more than 4000 attendees.

Quality Sense Conference is for everyone involved in the field of software development. Software testers, software developers, DevOps, managers, and C-level roles are all welcome! The conference is also open to anyone interested in improving the quality of their processes and results through best practices.

We will cover a wide range of topics such as functional and non-functional testing in different contexts, automation, observability, and mechanisms to maintain our applications with high-quality standards.

One of our focuses will be on performance issues, an area for which we will have notable international referents. This is due to the Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR), which we will be hosting for the first time in Spanish during the same week.

We are also going to dedicate a talk to accessibility issues. We believe that this is very relevant to achieve quality systems for all, so as to minimize technological barriers. This is a topic that we feel strongly about and that we were not able to cover last year. It was requested by the community and that motivates us greatly to take this step.

As it could not be otherwise, we will include talks in which we will discuss Artificial Intelligence, and especially ChatGPT.

First Edition Differences and Similarities

We have listened carefully to the feedback from the community. Thus, we have decided to expand the event to two full days of knowledge, exchange, and networking opportunities! We will conduct one of them purely online and another one fully in-person. Additionally, we will record the talks and post them on our YouTube channel.

We will enjoy the simultaneous translation of Spanish-English and vice versa. Although we also carried out this action last year, it did not go as expected. In this edition, we intend to improve this significantly, in order to achieve quality access.

Just as in the first edition, the event will be free to attend and it will focus on software quality. You have the option of attending both in person and virtually. We will have a large international presence, from Europe and Latin America, the United States, and possibly Asia as well.

Among the people confirmed to officiate as speakers, we have Blanca Moreno from QA Minds Lab and Mentoralia, Nicole van der Hoeven from k6, Mark Tomlinson from Perfbytes and FreedomPay Mercedes Quintero from Qualitas Test Team, Darrel Farris from mabl, Kristel Kruustuk from Testlio, Leandro Melendez (Señor Performo) also from k6, Pato Miner from Free Range Testers, Diego Molina from Sauce Labs, and Lisandra Armas from Europcar Mobility Group.

Why Did We Choose Chile?

Our idea is to visit different countries in Latin America, to continue positioning the region in the IT industry. We are starting with those in which we have offices. That is why the 2022 edition was in Uruguay, and the 2023 edition is taking place in Chile.

We have had great proximity to Chile since we formed Abstracta Chile in 2019. So we have a large part of our team there, as well as many of our customers. Through Abstracta Chile, we have been contributing to the development of the software quality community constantly since then.  Quality Sense Conference is a huge milestone in that direction.

Currently, we are thinking of Colombia as the next location for the conference. This year we formed a partnership with Qualitas Test Team, led by Mercedes Quintero. So we would like to organize the event jointly in 2024.

Later on, we plan to land in Mexico (perhaps in 2025), where there is a very strong community and we have very good links. This could help us to generate a quality instance.

In the future, we have the idea of taking the conference to the United States in Spanish! With mostly Latin American speakers, to bring the values and goals of our conference there.

It fills us with enthusiasm to see that such a massive event can be organized, bringing together both local and international references. It helps us build global bridges and helps the IT community gain value. Furthermore, to learn and make connections that favor the development of the industry and maximize its impact on society.

Instances like these not only allow us to get to know more referents. They also allow us to showcase the incredible places and people in Latin America’s technological ecosystem. Our goal is that you have an excellent experience, through a high-quality event.

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