Our Core Values at Quality Sense Conf 2024

Would you like to learn about the core principles and values that guide the Quality Sense Conf? We tell you everything in this article, aiming to create a safe and welcoming environment for speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

Quality Sense Conf 2023

We are glad to unveil the core values that are the heartbeat of Quality Sense Conf! Created in 2022 in Uruguay, this event strives to widen access to knowledge and establish Latin America as a leading digital hub on the global stage. We hosted its 2nd edition in 2023 in Chile, and this year, it’s Colombia’s turn to celebrate with us.

This conference isn’t just about applauding technological progress; it’s about ensuring an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Let’s dive into our fundamental values and pillars that represent Quality Sense Conf. This journey through our principles will give you insight into how they shape the #QSConf experience, making it truly unforgettable.

Values of Quality Sense Conf

✅ We value the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We aim to create an environment of mutual learning and collaboration.

✅ We cherish free access to knowledge. Therefore, we run an open and free conference and encourage barrier-free participation.

✅ We strive to ensure a diverse range of speakers, reflecting the broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences in our community.

✅ We pursue technical excellence and valuable content contributions, aiming to foster our industry’s growth.

✅ We promote and defend testing activities as essential for developing quality software at all development lifecycle stages.

✅ We aim to position Latin America as a global benchmark in software quality, showcasing and enhancing the region’s talent and innovation capacity.

✅ We work to create a welcoming and stimulating environment, offering you a unique experience at an exceptional conference.

The Pillars of Quality Sense Conf

  1. Respect and Courtesy

At Quality Sense Conf, we endeavor to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy. We value individuality and all constructive contributions.

  1. Safe and Welcoming Environment

We commit to providing a safe and welcoming environment, where everyone feels free to express themselves. We encourage asking questions and making contributions as a pillar for fostering mutual exchange and growth.

  1. Collaboration and Diversity

We believe in the power of collaboration and diversity to enrich our experiences and perspectives. We value the multitude of voices and cultures present in our community. 

  1. Accessibility

We strive to make Quality Sense Conf accessible to everyone, regardless of their conditions and circumstances. We actively work to remove technological barriers as much as possible to promote equal opportunities.

  1. Local and Global Context Awareness

We understand the importance of being aware of the context in which we operate, both locally and globally. We commit to considering the specific needs and concerns of our community and contributing positively to our society’s sustainable development through our inputs.

  1. Networking to Connect

We encourage interaction and idea-sharing among participants from a variety of geographic areas and companies, representing a diverse range of roles.

Quality Sense Conf not only provides a learning opportunity but also a chance to establish meaningful connections with industry professionals, aiming for our industry’s continuous growth.

  1. Promoting a Community Spirit

We strive to create a conscious and supportive community. We encourage everybody to collaborate, share their knowledge and experiences, and contribute to our community’s growth and well-being as a whole.

In a Nutshell

We want to celebrate the passion and enthusiasm we share for technology and innovation. At Quality Sense Conf, we seek to inspire each other to make a positive impact on society through our contributions to the technological field.

We hope this event provides a rewarding experience for you, leaving you with new connections, learnings, and lasting memories.

Curious about how Quality Sense Conf is reshaping the tech landscape? This article features insights from speakers and sponsors, highlighting the conference’s role in positioning Latin America as a pivotal digital hub.

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Thank you for joining our community!

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