Migrating from TestLink to JAMA

Guest post by Juan Techera, QA Manager for Verifone

Recently, our test team at Verifone was challenged for the first time with how to move thousands of test cases and results from TestLink to JAMA. There’s a lack of documentation and public information about how to handle this (which is mainly why I am writing this post). Due to this fact, we faced some issues in the process, but in the end, we learned from it. Today I am sharing the way we figured out how to do it with you.

The TestLink version that we use only allows you to export data to XML, HTML or Word Document, and since HTML and Word export files don’t let JAMA know how to map each field, XML seemed to be our first (and best) option. But, that wasn’t the hard part, the real troubles that we faced had to do with file encoding and getting the right mapping on JAMA.

Migrate from TestLink to JAMA in 6 Steps

  1. Export your Test Suite to a XML file in TestLink.
  2. Open the XML file using MS Excel.
  3. Remove all the lines corresponding to subfolder levels*
  4. Save as xls / xlsx file.
  5. Import in JAMA providing the column name to each of the fields in JAMA.
  6. Voila! There you go.

* There may be a way to avoid this but I haven’t figured it out. If we leave the lines corresponding to subfolder levels, importing will sometimes stop there and will not import any of the TC’s below that line. In some other instances, it will just create an empty Test Case without steps.

Our TestLink version only allows you to export data to XML, HTML or Word Document, so if your version allows you to export to an Excel file (xls), it may save you some of the headaches that we faced.

Note: JAMA has released a REST Api documented that also includes code samples in github, which means that you can code some lines to do almost everything you want (including migrating from your previous test-management-tool).

I hope you find this helpful for migrating from Testlink to JAMA! If you have any questions about how to do this, just send a message to a testing professional at Abstracta.

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