Abstracta Uruguay’s Salaries and Roadmap

How do we define our salaries and salary ranges within each role? We have a roadmap and we tell you all about it in this article! A transparent approach is the key to our company’s development and growth.

The value of being part of Abstracta is largely given by the intangibles of truly being part of a team. A team in which we accompany and empower each other, as part of the humanistic culture that characterizes us.

We care about creating a warm and caring work community. We believe that it is key to forging confidence and solidity in our clients. And also to provide conditions that promote well-being to those who are part of it.

We are aware of the positive impact we can generate by offering quality job opportunities. How? With a holistic view not only of the services we offer but also of the way, we carry them out.

We achieve part of this through fair and competitive salaries and specially designed benefits that reflect our culture.

Roadmap and Scale

At Abstracta, we developed two interconnected tools within the framework of a clear and transparent career plan. We did this with the aim of minimizing the impact of biases and gaps. These tools are our roadmap, which helps to visualize a clear career plan, and Scale, a self-developed salary calculator.

On the one hand, our roadmap serves as a tool for team members to understand what’s expected of them in their current and future roles. By doing so, they can learn what is required to work according to Abstracta’s values, what direction they might take, and how to keep on growing.

We have rubrics that allow us to clearly describe the skills required for each level of seniority. These rubrics set expectations, facilitate performance evaluations, and recognize effort and work excellence.

“Having all this described in such detail generates agreements for all areas of leadership, which translates into transparency. This is very relevant because it allows us to have clarity about what is needed to grow professionally,” explained Lucía Pérez, psychologist and leader of Abstracta’s People Care team.

“Soft skills are central to our roadmap. In fact, we call them Core Skills. While the tasks may vary according to the role and area of expertise, we need to improve how we do our work to grow professionally and personally,” she said.

Although we have understood this to be very relevant for some time, we are increasingly convinced that human skills can be differentiated due to advances in areas such as Artificial Intelligence.

Each seniority level has an estimated period of duration and a maximum recommended time. All this with a leadership team and the support of our People Care team, to promote the growth and advancement in the career plan of each member.

On the other hand, Scale is a salary calculator that takes into account the advancement of each person in their role. For each seniority, there is a salary range. In order to determine the salary, in addition to the seniority level, we consider elements in their profiles and performances in their roadmaps that are linked to our pillars.

✔️Continuous learning and education.

✔️Competencies in bilingual communication skills.

✔️Intellectual humility and generosity of knowledge.

✔️Coconstruction of culture.

On a semi-annual basis, our People Care team, together with the leaders of all areas, proactively evaluates the performance of each person working at Abstracta. We have been implementing it since July 2019, and we are improving it with each iteration.

This way, we recognize the knowledge and values that we want to promote in each member of our team. All this in order to achieve a culture of mutual respect and care, as well as excellence and innovation.

These definitions provide the clarity and transparency necessary to be able to perform mathematical calculations with Scale. And provide the result of an equitable salary for each role.

“The technical part of learning and consolidation for each role undoubtedly takes time and effort. But the development of interpersonal skills is more complex and therefore occupies a significant place in our roadmap,” said Lucía. Thanks to these tools, we can accompany and guide each person so that they can develop their full potential and be recognized for it.

How do we Know If Our Salaries are Fair in Such a Volatile Market?

Since 2021, we have been working with specialized consulting firms and with companies we trust, to know the market in depth. We have shared data to compare ourselves with other companies for similar roles. We have also implemented various processes to understand the reasons and circumstances under which individuals depart from the Abstracta team.

Based on all the work we have done, today we know that our salaries are competitive compared to the companies in the industry that are located in Uruguay.

Still, some roles are in high demand globally, and we understand that we cannot compete against direct salaries in the United States. There are some offers that could be more incomparable. Why? Because they come from different business models, with much lower or even non-existent levels of sustainability and security.

Understanding this, our current goal is to be able to have better salaries than companies located in Uruguay. As a company specializing in testing, we believe we can achieve this.

We are very concerned about being as transparent as possible with salaries. We know that this is a taboo subject in our labor market. But we also know that it is necessary to change this reality in order to combat inequalities and build a society with equal opportunities. So much so that, recently, wage transparency began to be part of the public policies of the European Union.

At Abstracta, we are confident that we are mature enough as a company to tackle such an action on our own initiative. That is why, in 2022, we made the determination to take this practice forward. With the desire that access to this information will be useful and constructive.

Since then, our salaries and salary ranges have been public and our team has access to this information on an updated basis.

Raising the salary issue from a place of transparency is key so that each person feels recognized and valued in their role, knows their possibilities for growth, and can perceive the profound relevance of their contribution to our collective purposes.

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