Quality Sense Conf 2024 is Coming to Colombia

We’re excited to bring you the third edition of our increasingly popular event in the IT industry. This October, we’re heading to Medellín to celebrate not just the event itself, but also our ongoing mission to boost development and establish Latin America as a key player in the global digital arena.

Quality Sense Conf 2024 | Colombia

The Quality Sense Conf is quickly becoming a notable event on the global tech scene, and we’re eager to fill you in on all the details ahead of time. This way, you’ll be able to get involved in the way that fits you best, whether you’re looking to speak, sponsor, or simply attend.

Scheduled for October 21st and 22nd in Endava’s offices (our confirmed venue sponsor), in  Medellín, the event kicks off online on the first day and switches to an entirely in-person experience on the second. As with previous editions, we’ll be recording all the talks to later share them on our YouTube channel. This ensures that knowledge remains accessible to all, featuring videos with subtitles in various languages to broaden our reach.

Check out this video to relive Quality Sense Conf 2023 in Chile!

Medellín: An Inspiring Destination

Known as the city of eternal spring and recognized as Colombia’s “Special District of Science, Technology, and Innovation,” Medellín offers a vibrant and conducive setting for the Quality Sense Conf 2024.

Its rich culture, natural beauty, and hospitality, combined with its growing focus on technology and innovation, make this Colombian city the perfect place to gather, learn, and share knowledge.

As part of the activities we’ve planned for the event, we are proud to offer our speakers and sponsors the opportunity to explore the beauty of Antioquia with a visit to a coffee farm.

From the majestic mountains to the charming towns, this tour is not just a unique cultural experience but also an opportunity to get to know each other, connect, and strengthen our bonds in an inspiring environment.

#FAQS Some Questions and Answers

Why Are We Holding the Quality Sense Conf in Colombia?

in March 2024, we were excited to announce the opening of a new Abstracta office in Colombia, in partnership with thought leader Mercedes Quintero Martínez. Our shared vision, goals, and a deeply humanistic culture underline our commitment. 

Mercedes is the founder of Qualitas Test Team, a Colombian company that has spent 10 years impacting the quality of life of many people and bringing opportunities where they are most needed, through quality work, value propositions, and excellent services.

Our alliance with Qualitas Test Team in 2023 led to our merger and the birth of a new Abstracta office in Colombia, aiming to mutually nourish each other, expand our services, and enhance software development at a regional and global level.

Therefore, after having celebrated the first edition of the Quality Sense Conf in Uruguay in 2022 and the second in Chile in 2023, we are excited to organize it in Colombia in 2024, with the full support of this great leader and entrepreneur, and her team.

We are fully convinced that Colombia and all of Latin America have great potential to contribute to a booming industry like ICT, and at the same time, much to grow. Both in infrastructure and digital services as well as in diversity and culture.

What Is The Cost of Attending the Event?

As in previous years, attendance is free of charge.

What Does Abstracta Gain by Investing in a Free Event?

This is a self-managed event with contributions from sponsors and participation from a diversity of speakers from around the world.

Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we know that networking is one of the most relevant activities for creating new development opportunities. If the ecosystem grows, we all grow.

That’s why we’re proud to contribute to building bridges and links, and to be part of something much bigger than our own company: the impact of the industry on society.

What Topics Will We Cover at QSConf 2024?

We will enjoy talks from a diversity of speakers from around the world. We will cover a wide range of topics:
✅Quality strategies from large-scale Latin American companies
✅ Data quality
Applications powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence
Development of open-source tools
Functional and non-functional testing in different contexts
Automation, observability, and mechanisms to maintain our applications at high quality standards

What Do We Seek with This Event?

To continue expanding access to knowledge, with the aim of developing the IT community professionally every day more, and to continue positioning Latin America as a digital hub in the world, in relation to the development of quality software.

What Can You Gain by Joining this Event?

Regardless of the mode you choose to participate in the Quality Sense Conf, each one offers unique benefits and creates a positive impact both on your professional development and the industry as a whole.

As an attendee

Participating in the conference allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools in the sector. It provides you with the opportunity to network with people in leadership and decision-making positions, leverage learning opportunities that arise from interacting with other professionals, enrich your perspective, and expand your network of contacts.

As a speaker

By sharing your knowledge and experience, you support the dissemination of innovative and sustainable practices. You position yourself as a leader in the industry, which expands your influence and contributes to the professional growth of the community and the development of the industry. It also helps you to continue networking and cultivating new opportunities.

As a sponsor

Your brand gains visibility among attendees and speakers, as well as in the community. You stand out as a top-tier employer or service provider and show your support for events that promote sustainability and innovation in the industry. You expand your networks and drive new business and collaboration opportunities.

Sponsor Testimonials

To gauge the impact and repercussions of the event, we share testimonials from some of the sponsors of the Quality Sense Conf 2023:

“We had participated in last year’s edition in Montevideo without being sponsors, and seeing the level of the event encouraged us to sponsor this year. Our expectations were exceeded: we met our commercial objectives, did a lot of networking, were nourished by the talks, and had a good time among friends. We forged relationships and brought in new contacts, and the Crowdar Academy scholarship draw gave us the possibility to develop a greater presence in the Chilean market” (Crowdar.)

“We consider Quality Sense Conf to be one of the best testing conferences in Latin America. Both for the quality of its talks and speakers, organization, and reputation of the people who organize it as well as those who participate” (Endava.)

“We decided to be sponsors of QSConf 2023 to support the initiative and to increase Grafana’s recognition in LatAm. The atmosphere and energy of the event was great. As long as Grafana approves the budget, we would very much like to be sponsors again in 2024, this time in Colombia (Grafana K6.)

“We like to be part of this event because it allows us to forge networks and important relationships with high-level individuals and companies in the IT area. Being sponsors of QSConf 2023 impacted us positively: it helped us to network and brand. It allowed us to realize how we are perceived and how we can help grow the testing community in Latin America” (QAminds).

“We decided to sponsor QSConf2023 as an event focused exclusively on Quality Engineering in the Latin American environment. Although there are events with this focus, they are usually far away in their locations, which makes access difficult. Our participation was not in person, but only virtual. This aspect seems very relevant to us as it breaks down physical barriers to participation” (Softesting.)

“It was a great experience. Being the first one we participated in, it exceeded our expectations. We managed to connect with companies that have already interacted with Datadog but are part of other departments and can find different solutions depending on their area” (Datadog.)

As expressed by Abstracta’s co-founder and main organizer of the event, Federico Toledo, in his closing talk at the Quality Sense Conf 2023, “A large part of what gives value to the conference are the talks and networking spaces, but none of this could be achieved without the support of the sponsors who trust in our proposal.”

Would you like to read the complete testimonials of the sponsors and speakers of the 2023 edition in Chile? Don’t miss this article.

Looking Forward

After our 3rd edition in Colombia, we plan to land in Mexico (perhaps in 2025), where there is a very strong community, and we have very good connections that could help us create a quality instance.

In the future, we have the idea of taking the event to the United States and in Spanish, with mainly Latam speakers, to bring there the values and objectives of our conference.

Our presence at events is not something new: since our beginnings in 2008, we have always focused on participating in and organizing different types of events in our industry, as well as managing various types of spaces to share knowledge and empower our community.

All these types of instances help us build global bridges and allow the IT community to gain value, learnings, and connections that favor the development of the industry and maximize its impact on our society.

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