Mobile App Performance Testing Enhances User Experience

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The Client

Our client’s company was founded in 1983 as the official publisher of Uruguay’s telephone directories. It’s a subsidiary of a leading US company in the field of staffing services, telecommunications and information solutions with annual sales approaching $2 billion and customers in 55 countries.

The Need

Abstracta was commissioned to run performance tests across the company’s new mobile app which provides consumers with a quick way to look up information about products and services.

The client needed to ensure that the response times experienced by end users were within the boundaries of acceptable performance, thereby improving user satisfaction and retention.

Our Solution

Abstracta used the tool, PageSpeed, for performance testing.

We quickly and automatically analyzed the optimization of the mobile web application on the client side and detected configurations that are normally performed at an application server level.

In addition, we used our proprietary mobile testing tool, Monkop, to analyze the mobile application and receive information about performance, security and functionality.


Our overall analysis provided a number of recommendations for optimization and we suggested a variety of adjustments to the mobile app that could improve its performance and resource consumption.

Some of the recommendations made to optimize the application were to:

  • Eliminate JS and CSS content, improving the time taken to show on-screen content
  • Allow compression
  • Allow browser caching
  • Reduce redirects

Optimizing the app in this way reduced application response times by 29%, giving end-users a significantly better experience.

With its newly improved performance, Abstracta helped to turn the client’s mobile app into the leading guide for finding products and services in Uruguay.

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